’68 Nova

By Tavis Highlander – Artwork by Tavis Highlander – Instagram @tavishighlander tavishighlander.com

Although the owner of this Nova and I went through many design concepts, the one that really stuck out to me was a mild stock car theme. The look is easy to achieve and doesn’t require deep pockets. Instead, the theme requires a bit of restraint.

Front and center are the American Racing VF503 wheels that have been powdercoated black and have a red stripe added to the outer edge. The style of the wheel looks the part but also offers modern sizing advantages over steel wheels. Up front there’s a fabricated air dam/splitter assembly to aid with downforce. An appropriate sheetmetal rear wing could round out the aero for this build. Side exit oval exhaust completes the look and helps give the build a rowdy attitude.

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