All Chevy Performance New Muscle Car Parts for 2023

Skinny Bop

Forgeline announces the arrival of their new forged monoblock SC1 Skinny. Similar to their original one-piece forged monoblock SC1, the new “Skinny” version is precision-machined from a single forging of proprietary 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Unlike the original street version, the “Skinny” has been reengineered for drag racing applications, which includes a narrower width and revised performance metrics to make it as lightweight as possible. It also retains the exceptional brake clearance of the original SC1. For more information, contact Forgeline by calling (800) 886-0093 or visit

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002 arp acessory studs

Unique Accessory Studs

ARP’s unique accessory studs with a rounded “nut starter” nose are available for an ever-increasing variety of applications, including specially designed studs for securing bellhousings, carburetors, distributors, headers, timing covers, valve covers, and more. They are available in polished stainless steel or black oxide finished 8740 chromoly and nominally rated at 180,000-psi tensile strength—20 percent stronger than Grade 8 hardware. Kits include a choice of hex or 12-point nuts and washers. For more information, contact ARP by calling (800) 825-3045 or visit

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003 fitech ultimagte efi

Big Power EFI

FiTech’s Ultimate LS systems just got better with 1,000hp support. Available for numerous LS heads, the trans control feature supports 4L60, 4L65, 4L80, and 4L85 transmissions. The kits come ready for boost with a three-bar MAP sensor and can be run with a single- or dual-oxygen sensor. The FiTech Fuel Injection Ultimate EFI kits come with a low-profile design and a 102mm inlet throttle body. They are fabricated with 3mm-thick aluminum sheetmetal and TIG-welded intake manifolds that support 1,500- to 6,500-rpm powerband up to 1,000 hp to the flywheel.

For more information, contact FiTech by calling (951) 340-2624 or visit

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004 1966 Chevele hood spear

Original-Style Spear

This ’66 Chevelle/El Camino premium hood spear reproduction is cast in authentic hard-tooled zinc (not softer pewter or brass) and is finished in a glossy chrome that is carefully polished for a brilliant surface. Mounting points are precise and guaranteed to fit perfectly.

For more information, contact Original Parts Group by calling (800) 243-8355 or visit

005 firestone wide oval

Classic Muscle Car Tire

As good as the Firestone Wide Oval was, its bias-ply design was eclipsed by modern radial tires. Fortunately for classic muscle owners, Coker Tire decided to make the Wide Oval in a radial version to give you the retro looks plus the handling, safety, and longer tread life of a radial tire. Coker Firestone Wide Oval Radial Tires are designed and manufactured in the USA.

For more information call Summit Racing Equipment at (800) 230-3030 or visit

006 sultans of spark coil

S.O.S. Ignition

Performance Distributors introduces the S.O.S. (Sultans of Spark) ignition coils for LS applications. The new technology in these coils allows you to open your plug gaps to 0.065 inch, burning your fuel more completely, which leads to more power and performance. These Davis Unified Ignition S.O.S. coils produce 28,000 V under load compared to the stock 21,000. That’s 7,000 more volts under load per coil—56,000 V more over a stock ignition per engine. Mounting in the OEM location, the additional energy produced results in instant throttle response when you step on it.

For more information, contact Performance Distributors by calling (901) 396-5782, or visit

001 oer tri five trim

002 oer tri five trim

Tri-Five Molding
Classic Industries announces the arrival of the all-new OER reproduction of the upper paint divider moldings designed for use with ’55 Chevy Bel Air and 210 Series two- or four-door sedan models (PN 748695); ’56-57 Chevrolet Bel Air, 210 Series, and Del Ray models; ’57 150 and Handyman wagon models (PN 748693). Manufactured from premium die-formed and stamped stainless steel, each molding is carefully polished, leaving a beautiful high-luster finish. The moldings are not painted, allowing the customer to paint, if desired, or use the black adhesive inserts included with each set; sold in pairs.
For more information, contact Classic Industries by calling (888) 816-2897 or visit

003 speedway motors bellhousing

LS Bellhousing

Speedway Motors’ new upgraded steel version of the GM 621 bellhousing will provide additional safety and strength to resist cracking, which is common with most aluminum bellhousings. This bellhousing accepts three- and four-speed manual transmissions, such as a Muncie T10 and several aftermarket five-speed transmissions. This is an excellent choice for LS swaps to keep floor and tunnel modifications to a minimum due to the smaller size comparted to a T56. The Speedway Motors steel LS bellhousing is for use with a hydraulic throwout bearing only.
For more information, contact Speedway Motors by calling (855) 313-9173 or visit

004 holley sniper twin fuel pumps

Twin Fuel Pumps

The Holley Sniper 3.5-gpm (gallons per minute) fuel pump is the most cost-effective EFI pump that’s capable of flowing over 200 gpm on the market. Designed for high-performance, naturally aspirated, and forced-induction EFI vehicles, this twin-pump manifold utilizes -10 AN male inlet and -8 AN male outlet connections for easy installation on new applications and for quick replacement of existing competitors’ fuel pumps. The 12-270 supports over 1,700 hp at 60 psi on gasoline and 1,200 hp on E85. The pump manifold assembly is made from billet, anodized, and is laser-etched for good looks.

For more information, contact Holley by calling (866) 464-6553 or visit

005 summit racing coolant expansion tank

Keep Your Cool

To prevent your car from running hot and keep antifreeze in the cooling system where it belongs, a Summit Racing Coolant Expansion Tank is your answer. The coolant tanks are made of high-quality, lightweight, durable aluminum. Each one is polished to a mirror-like sheen to add some razzle-dazzle underhood. They are available with or without vents, recirculating or not, billet or standard radiator caps, and tall and thin or short and wide shapes so you can find the perfect tank for your application.

For more information, contact Summit Racing by calling (800) 230-3030 or visit

006 all american billet hood and trunk hinges

Billet Hinges

New All American Billet hood and trunk hinges for your first-gen Camaro are both practical and look great. They are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and engineered to operate smoothly. Their hinges are manufactured to last and come with stainless steel gas springs and stainless steel hardware in three finishes: machined, polished, and solid black anodized. One set of hood hinges and one set of trunk hinges are sold as one package.

For more information, contact All American Billet by calling (623) 580-7214 or visit

007 silver sport stx front shift kit

STX Shifters

Silver Sport Transmissions (SST) is proud to be the first to offer a front shift kit for the TREMEC TKX. SST’s in-house engineering department developed and fully tested the STX Shifters Front Shift Kit and developed a shifter that has smooth, short, and positive throws. The compact, double-trunion shifter is made of steel and billet aluminum components for a shifter that will last for years. With the front shift kit the TKX’s shifter can move up to a bench-seat–friendly 12.68 inches behind the bellhousing. The kit comes with every piece you’ll need to do the conversion.

For more information, contact Silver Sport Transmissions by calling (865) 609-8187 or visit


001 arp wheel studs

Wheel Studs    
Wheel studs are an important part of any driveline. ARP has long focused on manufacturing premium-grade replacements for factory and aftermarket applications. The most recent addition to the line (PN 100-7738) has a 1/2-20 thread and an underhead length of 1.950 inch. These wheel studs are manufactured from 8740 chromoly steel and heat-treated to a nominal tensile strength of 190,000 psi and cadmium plated for extra durability. Threads are rolled (not cut) to provide up to 10-times better fatigue life.
For more information, contact ARP by calling (800) 826-3045 or visit

002 forgeline hl3 wheels

Rolling Tribute

The classic HL3 is a tribute to the original Halibrand wheels of the ’60s that famously carried the Ford GT40 to victory at the ’66 24 Hours of Le Mans. But unlike the original, the Forgeline HL3 is a modern, custom-made-to-order three-piece wheel that is precision-machined from forged 6061-T6 aluminum and assembled with heat-treated rim shells, hidden stainless steel ARP fasteners, and Heli-Coil inserts. And just like any Forgeline wheel, the HL3 is fully customizable in fitment and finish, including centerlock applications.
For more information, contact Forgeline by calling (800) 886-0093 or visit

003 eddie motorsports hood hinge

Kinetic Billet Hood Hinges

Eddie Motorsports’ newly designed Kinetic hood hinge features form and function in a CNC precision-machined T-6061 billet hinge. Mounting points are designed with larger mounting areas machined in for more adjustment over stock hinges to get a perfect hood gap. Sealed bearing and stainless hardware ensure long-lasting performance and smooth operation. CNC-machined windows add to the distinctive look of the Kinetic hinge.

For more information, contact Eddie Motorsports by calling (888) 813-1293 or visit

004 fi tech fuel pump

Fuel Up

The FiTech Go-Fuel In-Tank Retrofit Kit is designed for almost any fuel tank depending on depth. Their universal pump module can be used on tanks with a depth of 6 to 15 inches. The billet top assembly was designed with the supply and return ports in a parallel position to help route the fuel lines evenly. The vent port is on the other side to make it easier to route the line near the fill tube. A 255-LPH pump is included along with terminals, filters, and hardware. It also comes with an OEM-style sock filter.

For more information, contact FiTech Fuel Injection by calling (951) 340-2624 or visit

005 classic instruments skydrive gps

GPS Speed Sensor

Classic Instruments is pleased to announce the release of an all-new GPS speed sensor. SkyDrive is being redesigned to give the customer more benefits and features. While the redesign takes place, Classic Instruments is offering this basic alternative for a GPS speedometer sensor. While it is directional, rather than omnidirectional like the SkyDrive unit, it is a budget-friendly, time-proven GPS sending unit; outputting 16,000 ppm or 8,000 ppm.

For more information, contact Classic Instruments by calling (800) 668-9216 or visit

006 1980 81 camaro lower grille

Camaro Grillin’

Classic Industries announces the arrival of the new OER lower front grille unit for ’80-81 Camaro Z28 models. Each grille is manufactured in injection-molded urethane that replicates the original in quality, appearance, design, and fitment. The component features the correct black color with the factory mounting points for installation.

For more information, contact Classic Industries by calling (888) 816-2897 or visit

001 halibrand wheel 2048x1717

Nostalgic Rollers
Halibrand Sprint wheels are back in production and available to fit most muscle cars and street rods. These 15-inch wheels are available in several widths, from 4.5 to 10 inches wide with most common backspacing options. Choose from Anthracite finish with a machined outer lip or a fully polished finish. The machine-polished finish is raw, allowing additional polishing to a show car quality finish. Add that classic nostalgic Halibrand style to your muscle car or street rod. For more information, contact Holley Performance by calling (866) 464-6553 or visit

002 billet camaro taillight bezel black 003 billet camaro taillight bezel polished 004 billet camaro taillight bezel machine finish

Billet Bezels
Add style to your ’67-68 Camaro with All American Billet taillight bezels. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and available in machined, polished, or black anodized finish, these Camaro taillight bezels are sold in pairs and are made in the USA for a long-lasting great look.

For more information, contact All American Billet by calling (623) 580-7214 or visit

005 speedway motors all in one gauge 006 speedway motors all in one gauge 007 speedway motors all in one gauge

All in One
No longer do you have to find suitable underdash real estate and hope you don’t hit it with your knee or fist while shifting. With Speedway Motors’ modern OLED display you can easily monitor oil pressure, water temperature, and voltage in a scrolling pattern or lock one of the three readings to your screen. You can mount directly into any 2 1/16-inch hole in your dash or use a universal gauge pod to mount on your steering column or dashpad.

For more information, contact Speedway Motors by calling (855) 313-9173 or visit


008 el camino center console base

All About That Base
This ’78-88 Chevelle/El Camino and Monte Carlo center console base from Original Parts Group is reproduced to factory specifications using premium injection-molded ABS plastic. Each base features the correctly located shifter opening and mounting points for a straightforward installation. The base is available in a variety of colors and accepts the original-style trim plate and door assembly.

For more information, contact Original Parts Group by calling (800) 243-8355 or visit

009 tmi bench seat

Deluxe Bench
TMI Products is proud to introduce their 55-inch Deluxe Bench Seat. Adding a 55-inch version will make their Deluxe Bench an option for a greater range of applications, specifically in the world of street trucks. This seat was created as a direct response to customer requests, combining the nostalgia associated with bench seats of days past with all of the modern amenities and comfort. A styling face-lift, endless customization, and the inclusion of a center console and storage area make for the ultimate bench seat.

For more information, contact TMI by calling (888) 460-0640 or visit

010 billet battery hold mount

Billet Battery Mount
If you need something to mount a battery in your car, truck, boat, or side-by-side why not use something nice like this Billet Universal Battery Mount from Summit Racing. It has a billet aluminum baseplate, three 6.375-inch-long billet stanchion tubes, and a black anodized billet aluminum top plate. The Summit Racing Billet Universal Battery Mount is set up for an Optima or similarly sized battery. For shorter batteries, you can cut the all-thread rods and stanchion tubes to fit. The mount can accommodate batteries up to 10.50 inches long, 6.975 inches wide, and 7 inches tall.

For more information, contact Summit Racing by calling (800) 230-3030 or visit

001 forgeline et3 mag wheel

Slotted Mags – The Forgeline ET3 Heritage Series wheel pays homage to the slotted mag wheels that were popular in the ’60s and ’70s but has been reborn here as a modern three-piece wheel with updated engineering and manufacturing technology. Featuring a deep concave design with five large slots, the ET3 is built with true forged 6061-T6 aluminum centers, aircraft-quality ARP stainless steel fasteners, and heat-treated rim sections. The ET3 is available with a stepped lip outer in 17- and 18-inch fitments and features a standard powdercoated center finish with a polished outer rim. Forgeline also offers custom offsets, center locking hubs, and a large choice of finish combinations. For more information, contact Forgeline by calling (800) 886-0093 or visit

002 fitech cone air filter

Cone Filter

FiTech Fuel Injection is proud to introduce their all-new line of inverted cone air filters. These dry-flow filters are made from a black synthetic filter media, resulting in excellent filtration. These air filters are washable and reusable with oil-free maintenance. They are capped on both ends with a show-quality chrome housing and a heavy-duty clamp. Conical air filters are available in 6 to 9 inches in height with a 4-inch inlet (92mm throttle body) or 4½-inch inlet (102mm throttle body).

For more information, contact FiTech by calling (951) 340-2624 or visit

003 1975 nova grille black 004 1975 nova grille

Nova Grilles

Classic Industries announces the arrival of new OER reproduction front grille assemblies for ’75 Chevrolet Nova Standard, LN, and SS models. Each grille is manufactured with injection-molded ABS to original factory specifications, replicating the original in every detail. Includes provisions for the park lamp assemblies. Clear lens and amber lens park lamps are available.

For more information, contact Classic Industries by calling (888) 816-2897 or visit

005 lecarra trans am steering wheel

Stylish Steering Wheel

Lecarra’s Trans Am steering wheels conjure up a groovy ’70s and ’80s vibe. Modeled after the Pontiac Trans Am steering wheels of the ’70s and early ’80s, they’re available in brushed, gold, or black anodized finishes, along with a fully polished version. Additionally, there are 12 hand-stitched leather colors to choose from. The steering wheels bolt right onto original ’70-81 Trans Am hubs but can also be used with one of Lecarra’s hub adapters, which fit ’67-94 GM steering columns.

For more information, contact Lokar Performance Products by calling (877) 469-7440 or visit

006 summit racing a body frame braces

Frame Braces

These weld-in frame brace kits for ’64-67 and ’68-72 GM A-bodies feature mandrel-bent and fixture-welded tubular steel side braces for each framerail, plus laser-cut steel boxing plates for further reinforcement. The additional torsional stiffness improves steering and handling response while eliminating body roll during hard cornering. They also include an adjustable transmission crossmember to accommodate most GM automatic and some manual transmissions, a rear exhaust crossmember with plenty of driveshaft and floor clearance, stainless steel exhaust hangers for 2½- and 3-inch exhaust systems, and body mount bushing reinforcements.

For more information, contact Summit Racing by calling (800) 230-3030 or visit

007 JJs rods chevelle firewall bezel

Fit ’n’ Finished Firewall

JJ’s Rods & E-Z Firewall Rubber Boot Seals are designed for ’64-67 Chevelles and El Caminos to give your firewall a clean and finished look. Available for automatic or manual transmission cars, these bezels are made of high-polished stainless steel and are manufactured to fit in factory holes so there is no drilling or cutting necessary. Fits all steering column diameters 5/8 inch to 2½ inches and comes with all the mounting hardware and polished stainless steel Allen bolts.

For more information, contact JJ’s Rods by calling (704) 681-1357 or visit

001 hiborn injection manifold 1

Injection Base
The Hilborn RAW “Race-And-Win” Injector is the classic racing unit for the standard Gen 1 small-block Chevy. These base intake manifolds fit small-block Chevy engines with ’55-86 262-400 or ’87-91 L98 Corvette-type cylinder heads, providing mounting for both RAW Hilborn mechanical and electronic stack fuel injection. The Hilborn EFI-R injector manifold kits combine the technology of electronic fuel injection with the racing-born performance and aggressive looks of individual-runner engine induction.
For more information, contact Holley by calling (866) 464-6553 or visit dei adhesive tape

Two-Side Tacking

Design Engineering’s (DEI) Adhesive Transfer Tape is a very aggressive, pressure-sensitive, double-sided tape designed to bond substrates while maintaining a high tack level. Use it to attach heat and sound barrier materials without the need for a spray adhesive. Available in single- or dual-roll packs, the tape measures 3 inches wide and comes in 32-foot lengths. Providing a high-strength, long-term bond, it can be used for scrim reinforcement, as it resists water, condensation, and aging. It is temperature-resistant from -22 to 248 degrees F.

For more information, contact DEI by calling (800) 264-9472 or visit

003 summit racing ls valve springsHigh-Lift LS Springs

High-lift camshafts for LS engines are more the norm than the exception these days. Cams rated around 0.600 to 0.625 inches of valve lift are all over the place. You’ll need a good set of valvesprings to run one of those cams. Summit Racing Pro LS High-Lift Valve Springs are an inexpensive way to extend the engine’s operating range by around 1,000 rpm. The springs are a drop-in replacement for factory springs and come in sets of 16.

For more information, contact Summit Racing by calling (800) 230-3030 or visit

004 eci tube bender

Tube Bender

ECI offers the most versatile tubing benders available for the hobbyist, chassis fabricators, prototyping, and short-run production applications. Their 4 in 1 tubing bender is capable of bending 3/16-, ¼-, 5/16-, and 3/8-inch tubing up to 180 degrees at a 1-inch centerline radius. The 2 in 1 tubing bender handles 3/16- and ¼-inch tubing and bends 180 degrees at an amazing 5/8-inch centerline radius.

For more information, contact Engineered Components by calling (860) 872-7046 or visit

005 lokar mfyp

Wire Management

Lokar Performance Products is proud to announce the acquisition of the assets of Made-4-You Products (M4YP), a leader in the automotive aftermarket industry since 1985. M4YP’s product line consists of injection-molded line clamps, plug wire separators, and related wire and tube management products. Molded from nylon, these clamps and related parts will not fade, stain, or discolor and are impervious to automotive fluids.

For more information, contact Lokar Performance Products by calling (877) 469-7440 or visit

006 speedway motors second gen f body sway bar

Splined Sway Bar

Speedway Motors’ second-gen F-body front sway bar kit features a 38.6-inch long 4130 chromoly steel splined antiroll bar that is 1.25 inches in outside diameter. Used with 0.188-inch wall hollow tubing to provide plenty of strength with reduced weight compared to a solid front sway bar, the sway bar kit arms are 11.75 inches long with two different mounting point options for the front sway bar links to adjust effective rate. A 50-degree bend keeps the arms tucked tight to the chassis for best possible tire clearance.

For more information, contact Speedway Motors by calling (855) 313-9173 or visit

001 all american hood hinges

Lifting in Style

All American Billet hinges are a great way to lift your hood in style. They are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and engineered to operate smoothly. They come with large bearings, stainless steel gas struts, and all stainless steel hardware. The hinges are sold in pairs and come in machined, polished, or black anodized finishes and are available for multiple vintage domestic muscle cars.

For more information, contact All American Billet by calling (844) 245-5381 or visit

002 1978 camaro taillight housing 003 1978 1981 camaro taillight housing

Light Housings

Classic Industries announces new OER reproduction taillamp housings designed for use with ’78-81 Chevrolet Camaro models. These housings are manufactured in injection- molded ABS to original factory specifications for a precise fit and an authentic OE appearance. The original housing tabs are prone to break off and the original housings simply disintegrate or can fall apart during disassembly. These authentic reproduction housings are the solution to your taillamp housing problem.

For more information, contact Classic Industries by calling (888) 816-2897 or visit

004 bowler night stick shifter

Short Throw Shifter

Bowler Performance Transmissions announces the release of their new Night Stick short throw shifter for the TREMEC Magnum F six-speeds. The new shifter creates a 35 percent reduction in shift throw length for a crisp and quick shift with very little effort. The new Night Stick short throw combines a ball and socket shift stub with a Bowler Performance–designed base plate that eliminates any possible oil leakage around the shift stub socket. This new design utilizes a wave ring with snap-ring retention to keep constant pressure on the ball socket enclosure for a smooth shift feel with no rattles.

For more information, contact Bowler Transmissions by calling (618) 943-4856 or visit

005 vintage air under dash louver panel

Slim Louver Panel

Vintage Air’s all-new Under Dash Slimline Universal Louver Panel with Brushed Aluminum Trim Kit includes a two-piece louver panel, all four louvers, and 2.5-inch hose adaptors. This kit provides customizers and restorers alike a stylish option to add A/C vents without cutting into the original dash. The louver panel comes with brushed aluminum trim to handsomely blend in with the interior designs of countless classics and can be painted to match the dash and interior. Engineered for installation on any vehicle with a flat underdash area, the kit includes four louvers with 2.5-inch hose adaptors to easily pair with Gen IV or Gen II evaporator systems.

For more information, contact Vintage Air by calling (800) 733-5206 or visit

006 holley street strip clutch

Street/Strip Clutch

This Holley Clutch Installation Kit includes all the hardware and components needed for a complete clutch install on a six-bolt crankshaft GM LS engine using a T56 transmission. A 12-inch organic disc with a six-spring helix-sprung hub provides superior grip needed for the strip, while the matched diaphragm-style pressure plate provides a pedal feel comfortable enough for the street. This provides 30 percent more clamping pressure transmitted through a billet steel flywheel.

For more information, contact Holley by calling (886) 464-6553 or visit

007 old air poa valve kit

POA Valve Update Kit

Old Air Products introduces their new Deluxe POA Valve Update Kit. This unique kit maintains an original appearance with a custom-machined billet aluminum assembly to replace the original valve that will connect to the original oil bleed line and equalizer tube from the expansion valve. The kit includes 134a and R12 service ports, preset thermostat, and wire harness to convert the factory A/C unit to cycling clutch-type system. Fits many ’65-73 GM vehicle applications.

For more information contact Old Air Products by calling (817) 531-2665 or visit

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