1965 El Camino

Artwork by Tavis Highlander – Instagram @tavishighlander – tavishighlander.com

Vehicle Build by: Painthouse Texas
Cypress, Texas

The crew at Painthouse Texas are no strangers to building high-end custom cars. They find their way into the finals of SEMA’s Battle of the Builders and take home big awards wherever they go. This latest project is being given the same treatment as many of their other builds, so you’ll probably be seeing it at the biggest events once it’s complete.

Providing a foundation for this build is an Art Morrison chassis. Between those rails there’s a ZL1 Camaro engine along with an eight-speed transmission. With this combo, the project has been dubbed the ZL Camino.

Custom design touches are numerous but subtle on this build. Era-correct hubcap wheels have been designed and will be machined in 18- and 19-inch sizes to clear a modern brake package. The front grille is totally done over, and the surrounding sheetmetal has been massaged to tighten the look. On top of the hood will be GM factory-inspired hood vents machined to fit.

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