Chevy Concepts – 1966 Chevrolet Corvette

1966 Corvette Rendering by Tavis Highlander

Artwork by Tavis Highlander
Instagram @tavishighlander

Vehicle Builder: GAP Racing – Vehicle Owner: Terry Davlin

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Owner Terry Davlin and I worked together to determine the visual battle plan for his ’66 C2 project. His intent was to maintain as much of the stock look as possible while taking every step to upgrade the performance of the vehicle to his liking. That foundation of performance would center around a Roadster Shop chassis equipped with big Baer brakes. Power is coming from an LME-built aluminum 427ci LSR putting out 685 hp at 7,200 rpm.

With all that performance handled, the attention was then put on how to make the car look the part. The interior would remain stock-looking but quite modified. Sculpted bolsters hold you in place while a reworked dash houses modern A/C vents and controls for comfort.

On the outside, the wheels demanded some big choices. Several options were drawn up, including variations on the stock wheel covers. Forgeline RS6s always look great on C2 Vettes, so that combination has been presented as well.

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See more by Tavis Highlander here!!!

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