Vehicle build by Murray Kustom Rods

By Tavis Highlander – Artwork by the Author

Instagram @tavishighlander
Vehicle build by Murray Kustom Rods
Fort Worth, Texas
1970 Chevrolet Nova

Making a muscle car appear more modern is a delicate procedure. Change things too much and you end up with an abomination. If you don’t change enough you may have something too subtle for your liking. Murray Kustom Rods tasked me with riding that line with their 1970 Nova project. It had the great underpinnings already started with modern power and a Roadster Shop chassis. Tuning the overall look was going to be the trick.

We started by shaping a minimalist front bumper that still jives with the stock grille shell. Under that would be some 1969 Camaro-esque foglamps. A custom front spoiler finishes off the chin. Inside the grille is a custom hex-themed insert that is also mimicked on the rear taillight panel. The hood started as a desire to run a cowl induction unit, but that quickly morphed into a fabricated scoop that blends into the cowl. At the rear, a fabbed spoiler combines with an exhaust panel detail to give the area some interest. Front fender vents also help to break up the side profile a bit.

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