Firing Up – Motivation

By Nick Licata

As we head into the third year of publishing All Chevy Performance magazine, we are excited to hear from you regarding what kind of engine articles you’d like us to do more of: big-block, small-block, LS, or LT. We aren’t too particular, as we like them all, but it’s important for you to have a say on the subject. We also like to keep a steady mix of suspension pieces in the works, including theory and installation articles. As it turns out, we learn new things pretty much every time we explore and research these kinds of articles. Moving forward, we plan to dive into more sheetmetal and paint articles to help those of you looking to dig into some bodywork and spraying some paint. The idea with this magazine is to inspire and motivate you with ideas and techniques illustrating how to get your Chevy running great and looking good.

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Chevy enthusiasts have a wide array of taste, so we consciously feature a pretty big variety of Chevy build styles. We obviously lean toward vintage rides, but every so often we like to throw in some late-model performance muscle cars as well. With so many build variations to choose from, it’s hard to make everyone happy, but hang with us as we do our best to cover equal amounts of Pro Touring, Pro Street, gassers, street freaks, mild restomods, day-two restoration, budget builds, and pretty much everything in between. We feel it’s important to stay on top of the latest builds out there and keep a pulse on what’s happening on the streets and in the industry.

One thing you may notice is that we are a bit shy when it comes to featuring absolute show cars. We feel it’s important to pave an editorial path showcasing cars that get driven and even better if they are outright abused. It’s no secret that hard-driven cars make for a much more interesting and inspiring story. There are instances when we’ll feature high-end builds, but we do so with the notion that the owner has, or intends, to put some hard miles on their ride, which is the whole reason to build a car with a high-performance suspension system and gobs of horsepower.

I’ve always believed that automotive print magazines are an integral stitch of the fabric that defines the muscle car and hot rod hobby and are equally as important as the hard parts that make our cars look great, handle better, and go faster, and All Chevy Performance magazine is a big part of that mix. Although In The Garage Media is a very small publishing company run by a group of enthusiasts motivated by hot rods, horsepower, and gallons of caffeine, the quality of content produced in our magazines make us look pretty damn big.

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So far, it’s been a great two years, and I want to send out a special “thank you” to those who took the time to purchase this magazine by subscribing or picking up a newsstand copy. Without a strong, continually growing readership base and support of our advertisers, this magazine does not exist, so I appreciate you all being part of this “fresh build.”

You in?

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