Firing Up – Two Years In

It’s hard to believe that we here at All Chevy Performance magazine are celebrating our two-year anniversary. With ACP having a born-on date of January 2021, the magazine you are holding in your hands or reading online is our 25th issue. That’s pretty cool being the odds of success weren’t on our side, or at least that’s what some of the feedback would suggest when we announced the addition of a Chevy-only magazine to the roster of In The Garage Media’s Modern Rodding and Classic Truck Performance magazines.

“Don’t you guys know that print magazines are dead?” “No one buys magazines anymore.” “Which one of you ‘brainiacs’ decided to start a new Chevy magazine?” “Why would you publish a new magazine when everything is on the Internet?”

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Yep, we heard all the “positive” and “inspiring” comments you can imagine with some that included more “colorful” language. To us, all the noise just confirmed that we made the right decision at the right time.

When people tell me I can’t or shouldn’t do something, it only makes me want to do it more. Kind of like when my 12-year-old self was told there was no way I’d be able to jump my Schwinn Sting-Ray over a 13-foot ditch using a wooden ramp built by an efficient group of 12-year-old “engineers.” Apparently, my speed and launch angle calculations were a little off so I ended up with a broken left arm and a mouthful of dirt. That’s one time I probably should have listened to reason.

So, why did we get back into the magazine game? Speaking for myself, after 18 years doing Chevy-related magazines, I don’t know how to do much else, so it was an easy decision. Besides, all of us at In The Garage Media had previously worked together at another magazine publishing company, had plenty of experience in the business, and shared the same passion of putting together automotive performance magazines—only this time around the idea was to do them better. Better paper meant the photography would look more dynamic and the pages would stay intact should a reader turn a page a little carelessly. In January 2022 we took it a step further and gave the magazine a larger trim size, which allowed for larger and more impactful photos within the car features, tech articles, and event coverage for an even better reading experience and a magazine I am proud to be a part.

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Does it look familiar? Yep. Does it have a similar name to a magazine you may have read or subscribed to before? Absolutely. And it was all done by design.

We took a chance and created a subscription-only magazine as we knew there was an audience who still wanted a magazine they could hold in their hands, stack on their coffee table, neatly tuck away on a shelf, or store in the garage just like they used to. About a year and a half in, ACP, along with Modern Rodding and Classic Truck Performance, caught the attention of national retailers, and today all three magazines are available at Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million retail stores. So, as we begin our third year in production, I want to thank all of you subscribers and single-copy buyers for making All Chevy Performance the success it is today.

You keep buying ’em, we’ll keep printing ’em. You in?

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