MR’s Featured New Products For Your Hot Rod – 2024

Ford & Mercury Door Shell Assemblies

You can upgrade your 1966-67 Ford Fairlane, Mercury Comet, and Cyclone with OE-style door shells. These high-quality replacement panels, finished with a sleek black coating by Auto Metal Direct (AMD), are designed to fit and function like the original equipment.

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They feature precise factory-style contours and mounting points, ensuring a seamless installation and perfect fit on your Fairlane. The driver door is PN 500-8466-R, and the passenger door is PN 500-8466-L.

For more info, check out AMD by calling (877) 575-3586 or visit

02 Tru Shift Throttle Correction System For Holley Sniper 2

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Tru-Shift Throttle Correction System For Holley Sniper 2

Should you want to use a Holley Sniper 2 with your GM 700-R4 and 200-4R transmissions, according to Bowler Performance Transmissions, you’re going to need a solid solution for the TV cable. The new Bowler Tru-Shift Throttle Correction System (PN 5011016) kit for the Holley Sniper 2 consists of the OE-style cable, stainless rear bracket, and stainless throttle bracket with options for your throttle rod, OE round hole, OE square hole, or Lokar throttle cable. The Tru-Shift TV cable correction kit accurately sets your throttle valve cable based on GM factory geometry and takes out all the guesswork in properly setting up your cable length.  No more short shifts, low line pressure, or burned-up transmissions. The Tru-Shift is available for most popular carburetors and throttle body fuel injection systems.

For more info, check out Bowler Performance Transmissions by calling (618) 943-4856 or visit

03 Firewall Reverse Mount Clutch and Brake Kit

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Firewall Reverse Mount Clutch and Brake Kit

Rjays Speed Shop now offers a universal reverse-mount Firewall Mount Brake and Clutch Pedal Assembly. It is designed to be used to mount your clutch and brake pedal to the firewall. Pedal arms are 15 inches long from the pivot point, and the distance between pedal arms is 5 inches. The bracket is made from 3/16-inch steel, with the pedal arms made from 3/8-inch steel, and has the correct pedal ratio. The pedal pivot includes bronze bushings, a master cylinder, and a Wilwood-style clutch cylinder.

For more info, check out Rjays Speed Shop by calling (816) 291-4575 or visit

04 Speedmaster 6 71 Supercharger Kits

Speedmaster 6-71 Supercharger Kits

Summit Racing Equipment offers you up to 50 percent more horsepower with a Speedmaster 6-71 Supercharger Kit. The star is a 6-71 supercharger with a double-pinned, three-lobe rotor assembly that is timed and clearanced, a heavy-duty front and rear bearing plate, an intake manifold with a pop-off valve relocated to the back, and a polished case.

The Speedmaster 6-71 Supercharger Kits include a billet aluminum nose drive assembly, 50-tooth upper and 55-tooth lower drive pulleys, idler pulley and bracket, V-belt accessory drive pulley, and 3-inch-wide Gilmer-style drive belt, polished adapter plate for two squarebore four-barrel carburetors, gaskets, and hardware.

The supercharger kit is available for Gen I small-block Chevy, Mark IV, Gen V, and Gen VI big-block Chevy, GM LS1, LS2, LS6 with cathedral port heads, GM LS3, GM LS7 rectangular port, Ford 289-302-351W, and Ford 351C V-8s.

01 All American Billet Scissor Hinges

All American Billet Scissor Hinges

These compact scissor hinges are machined from 6061 T6 billet aluminum with stainless steel hardware and nylon bushings for smooth articulation. Available in a machined finish, a polished billet aluminum finish, or in a solid black anodized finish, they are 7 inches when completely open and are 3-1/2×3-1/2 inches in the closed position. Universal billet aluminum scissor hinges are typically used to open panels or compartment doors. Sold in pairs.

For more info, check out All American Billet by calling (623) 580-7214 or visit


02 House of Kolor Color Shifting

House of Kolor Color Shifting

House of Kolor released a dramatic color-shifting technology that creates an instantaneous, hard-hitting shift in color without a gray area or mottling in between colors.

Kameleon FX packs, which are part of the Shimrin2 paint system, contain pearls tightly controlled in thickness, creating uniquely clean effects when applied in layers over black paint.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new Kameleon FX packs is their ease of use. Designed for any painter, beginner to pro, the packs have excellent flow characteristics. You can lay down and align the pearl with great ease, even without a high-caliber skill set. The result is a reliably crisp transition between colors.

The other Kameleon FX packs are older colors that were reengineered with the new technology: red to gold, green to purple, cyan to purple, and blue to red. They are applied in three coats over a black basecoat.

The Kameleon FX packs come in a liquid form that can be mixed into the House of Kolor Trans Nebulae and then applied in varying coats over a black basecoat. The packs can also be poured into House of Kolor Karrier Bases with a multitude of possible effects. “At this point, the painter is into experimental territory,” Brian Lewis, global product manager for House of Kolor, says. “By pouring this new color into our Karrier Bases, we have created 138 possible color combinations. This is a new frontier for those seeking new and unique color-shifting combinations.”

For more info, check out The Sherwin-Williams Company by visiting

03 Optima’s New Battery Maintainer

Optima’s New Battery Maintainer

The Optima Digital 200+ Battery Maintainer is designed for 12V lead-acid, AGM, and lithium iron starting batteries, especially smaller motorcycle and powersports batteries. It has an LED glow bar that indicates charging status. It will pulse in a blue tone while analyzing the battery, turn solid red while charging, solid amber while conditioning, and solid green when in fully charged/auto maintain mode. The Digital 200+ has a pre-charge status button with a five-bar display that will show you the approximate state of charge in the battery before you start charging it.

Other features include a 2-amp charging rate, energy-saving auto maintain mode for long-term/seasonal storage, reverse polarity protection, over-temperature protection, and a wall-mount bracket with integrated perch for the clamp connectors and ring terminals.

For more info, check out Summit Racing Equipment by calling (800) 230-3030 or visit

04 Wilwood Weld On Tab Kit 05 Wilwood 3 inch Axle Clamp Kit

Wilwood’s New Rear Flexline Tab & Clamp Kits

Wilwood has engineered two kit solutions to simplify the secure mounting of flexline hoses to solid axle rear ends. Either kit, weld-on tabs, or 3-inch axle clamps, will assist the installer by including all necessary parts to attach calipers to the chassis hardlines.

Weld-On Tab Kit

The Weld-On Tab kit includes weld-on tabs to hold the chassis adapters within reach of the 12-inch flexline-to-caliper connection with your choice of 45 or 90 degrees, -3 to 1/8-27 NPT fittings at the caliper and mount the -3 to 3/8-24 IF through the weld-on tab to a 3/16-inch chassis hardline, which gets held in place by the provided retainer clips.

3-inch Axle Clamp Kit

The 3-inch Axle Clamp kit includes 3.00-inch axle clamp-on brackets with line mounts to hold the 12-inch flexline-to-caliper connection to a 3/16-inch chassis hardline. Choose either 45 or 90 degrees, -3 to 1/8-27 NPT fittings at the caliper end, and mount the -3 to 3/8-24, if through the mount on the axle clamp, and hold in place using the provided chassis retainer clips.

For more info, check out Wilwood by calling (805) 388-1188 or visit

01 Bowler Performances Universal Brake Line Clip

Bowler Performance’s Universal Brake Line Clip

Bowler Performance Transmissions has released its Universal Brake Line Clip, which is the solution for securing and organizing your brake lines with ease. Crafted with precision and designed for versatility, these clips are engineered to accommodate 3/16-inch brake lines, ensuring a secure fit for a wide range of vehicles. They come in sets of 10 and are made in the U.S. For more info, check out Bowler Performance Transmissions or call (618) 943-4856.

02 Auto Metal Direct’s Mopar Restoration Parts Catalog

Auto Metal Direct’s Mopar Restoration Parts Catalog

Auto Metal Direct now offers its all-new Mopar Restoration Parts Catalog, offering an extensive range of high-quality parts for A-, B-, and E-body Dodge and Plymouth models. This comprehensive digital catalog is designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike seeking reliable and precise restoration solutions for their classic Dodge and Plymouth vehicles. Whether it’s a minor repair or a full-scale restoration, AMD’s catalog provides a detailed and easy-to-navigate collection of parts, ensuring that every restoration project is a success. With AMD, restoring the glory of your classic Mopar muscle car has never been easier or more accessible. For more info, check out Auto Metal Direct or call (833) 404-4777.

03 RFI Shield From DEI

RFI Shield From DEI

Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) now offers a new line sleeve to block radio frequency interference (RFI) and “crosstalk” to prevent interruption of signals to sensitive electronics. DEI’s new RFI Shield products reduce interference from radio and electromagnetic waves to ignition systems and high-voltage wires. It is available as a split sleeve or tape. EFI systems thrive in an RFI-free environment. The RFI Shield safeguards the vehicle’s computer systems, EFI, radios, and most sensitive components.

The RFI Shield Split Sleeve easily wraps around and covers wires without having to disconnect them and includes a 17-1/2-inch grounding strap. It is available in 3-foot lengths in 1/2- or 1-inch diameters.

There is also the RFI Shield Tape, a non-adhesive tape that wraps around the wires without requiring disconnection. It comes in 1-inch width and 25-foot length, with a 17-1/2-inch grounding strap included.

Both products include DEI Quick Fix Silicone Tape to seal off the ends for a secure safeguard and finished look.

For more info, check out Design Engineering or call (800) 264-9472.

04 Hilborn’s Vintage ITB Intake Manifold

Hilborn’s Vintage ITB Intake Manifold

Stand out from the crowd with the new Hilborn EFI-R ITB intake manifold for LS3 engines. All-new manifold tooling yields high-quality, heat-treated castings and provides the ultimate appearance with an as-cast satin finish. LS3 Hilborn EFI-R injector manifolds are available in throttle bore sizes of 2-3/16 inches for the street and 2-1/2 inches for high-rpm and horsepower applications. The fittings are -8AN hard coat black anodized EFI fuel rails with included end adapter fittings that stand up to methanol and ethanol fuels and provide the capacity needed for racing applications.

A manifold vacuum plumbing and distribution block that mounts beautifully on the Hilborn 300-819 valley cover is contained in the 300-816 and 300-818 kits providing a proper MAP sensor signal. The valley cover design includes an OE oil pressure sensor port that also may be fitted with an adapter fitting for mechanical oil pressure gauges. Valley cover also seals off the LS Gen IV DOD oil passages.

Intake Manifold Kits are complete, providing mounting hardware, O-ring mounting flange seals, and required throttle linkage and levers. Hilborn recommends the Holley Terminator EFI ECU PN 550-905T (no electronic transmission control) or PN 550-918T (for use with electronic overdrive automatic transmissions) to be used with this kit.

The Hilborn EFI-R injector intake manifold kits combine the technology of EFI with the racing-born performance and aggressive looks of individual-runner engine induction. The GEN IV LS engine valley cover is sold separately to provide a complete classic Hilborn package.

For more info, check out Hilborn or call (866) 464-6553.

05 Borgeson steering U joints

Borgeson Steering U-joints

Needle bearing–style Borgeson steering U-joints are available through the Summit Racing Equipment online catalog. They come in single and double versions.

Single universal joints can handle steering angles up to 35 degrees. Double universal joints can handle steering angles up to 70 degrees, which often occurs when custom steering gear deviates from a standard OEM configuration. Needle bearing U-joints have zero backlash for more precise steering and road feel. They’ll also last much longer than non needle bearing U-joints.

They’re precision CNC-machined from solid billet steel, stainless steel, or aluminum and are available in various sizes for splined and DD-style shafts and made in the U.S. Borgeson U-joints are also available for non splined steering shafts and some come with a damper to reduce unwanted vibration in your steering wheel.

For more info, check out Summit Racing Equipment or call (800) 230-3030.

01 Classic Instruments 1978 88 Chevy G Body Gauge Cluster

Classic Instruments 1978-88 Chevy G-Body Gauge Cluster

Classic Instruments now offers a 1978-88 Chevy G-body direct-fit package. It is an all-electric cluster featuring a speedometer, tachometer, clock, and fuel, oil, temp, and volt gauges in an OE style, available either with or without overdrive. Hybrid LED lighting offers the feel of the original perimeter lighting and the visual benefits of backlighting: even illumination and clear nighttime readability. Turn signals and high beam indicators are in the original locations and the kit includes new check engine and high beam sockets with LED bulbs.

What’s Included: The kit also includes a wiring harness, push-button speedometer calibration for ease of setup, a new acrylic lens, and built-in ECM signal filter switch. The fuel gauge is programmable for many ohm ranges with a selector switch on the back of the cluster, meaning the fuel gauge will work with the stock sending unit, any other factory sending units, or any Classic Instruments fuel sending unit.

GM Sending Unit Kit

All other necessary sending units are included in a Classic Instruments GM sending unit kit. It is installed using the customer’s existing diffuser. Complete list of fitment includes 1982-87 Chevrolet El Camino, ’82-83 Chevrolet Malibu, 1982-88 and ’78-81 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, and ’82-87 GMC Caballero. For more info, check out Classic Instruments by calling (800) 575-0461 or visit

02 Lokar & Speartech 6L80E 8L90 Tap Shift Shifter

Lokar & Speartech 6L80E/8L90 Tap-Shift Shifter

A complete Lokar Tap-Shift Shifter Assembly is available for your Lokar 6L80E or 8L90 shifter. The shifter has Speartech’s Tap-Shift wiring module to tie into the Lokar shifter’s microswitches. The shifter also has the proper detents for Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, and Sport. Tap-Shift on GM transmissions is traditionally done in the Sport position, one gear below drive. Speartech provides the proper Lokar shifter with Sport detent. Unlike most retailers that have the Lokar shifter only going down to the Drive position.

Speartech is working with Lokar to have a shifter that is complete for the end user. Others require you to call Speartech after you purchase the shifter and purchase the Speartech Tap-Shift Switch Box to integrate with the shifter. Then you must ship the shifter back to Lokar to get the Sport position added. We decided it was time to stock the shifter and provide an easy solution for our clients by working with Lokar directly. For more info, check out Speartech by calling (765) 378-4908 or visit

03 New PerTronix Specialty Billet Distributor Applications

New PerTronix Specialty Billet Distributor Applications

PerTronix has expanded their Billet Flame Thrower Distributor line to include specialty, niche applications for the discerning automotive enthusiast. From Ford Flathead to AMC/Jeep, Cadillac to Corvair, and more you can count on these performance-proven systems. Equipped with PerTronix Ignitor II technology, you will never have to replace your points again.

These specialty billet distributors include CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum housing with a polished billet housing. Also, upper ball bearings and lower bushings are provided, and fully adjustable mechanical advance springs and limiters are provided along with a vacuum advance with black female-style cap.

Latest applications include Ford Flathead 239-255 ci, Ford Y-block, AMC Jeep L6, GM L6, Toyota F, Chevy Corvair, Cadillac 331-390 ci, Cadillac 472-500 ci, Chrysler Hemi 392 ci, Chrysler Hemi 331-354 ci, Buick Nailhead Engine, Studebaker V8, and Holden V8.

For more info, check out PerTronix by calling (909) 599-5955 or visit

04 Silver Sport’s LS Engine to T56 Magnum Kit

Silver Sport’s LS Engine to T56 Magnum Kit

This Engine Fit Kit (PN 121-661) has everything you need to bolt up your LS engine to a TREMEC T56 Magnum transmission.

Included in the Silver Sport system is the aluminum McLeod bellhousing and steel flywheel with all necessary hardware. Next the StreetPro McLeod Clutch Kit with its hardware, alignment tool, pilot bearing, and McLeod Hydraulic throw out bearing are all part of the SST Engine Fit Kit.

For more info, check out SST by calling (865) 609-8187 or visit

05 Air Flow Research Big Block Intake Manifold

Air Flow Research Big Block Intake Manifold

Air Flow Research now offers the Magnum intake manifold for your big block Chevy V8 engine. This manifold will unlock a new level of performance for your street vehicle. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the acclaimed AFR Magnum Oval port cylinder heads, this manifold promises a hassle-free enhancement to your engine’s capabilities.

Port Matched Intake Manifold – Say goodbye to the painstaking task of port matching, as it is a direct bolt-on solution for our select cylinder heads. It is the best fit for AFR Magnum Oval Port 265cc, 290cc, and 300cc cylinder heads. (May require porting to match other cylinder heads.) The Magnum intake manifold utilizes a dual-plane design, featuring runners that are custom-tailored for high-horsepower applications thriving in the 1,800- to 6,200-rpm range.

For more info, check out AFR by calling (661) 257-8124 or visit

06 FiTech Low Profile Air Cleaner

FiTech Low Profile Air Cleaner

Upgrade both looks and performance with a Drop Base FiTech Air Cleaner. The 14-inch-diameter cleaners have a 1-1/2-inch drop base design to maximize airflow and hood clearance. The high-capacity, high-flow black synthetic filter element captures and filters out dust, dirt, and other contaminants while still allowing the engine to draw in copious amounts of air.

FiTech Air Cleaner Availability: They are available with your choice of carbon fiber, matte black, or chrome-plated lids with 2- or 3-inch-tall filters. When installing one of these air cleaners on a FiTech Fuel Injection System, it is recommended that you use FiTech Go

Fuel Adapter Fittings – They allow the air cleaners to fit cleanly on FiTech throttle bodies while also making it easier to route the fuel lines. The aluminum fittings have a shiny black anodized finish.

For more info, check out Summit Racing Equipment by calling (800) 230-3030 or visit

07 Vintage Air AC System For ‘55 57 Thunderbird

Vintage Air AC System For ‘55-57 Thunderbird

Vintage Air now has a new underdash air conditioning system for the ’55-57 Ford Thunderbird. It is available as either a complete kit or an evaporator kit and is designed to install with minimal modifications to the original dash and underhood firewall. Vintage Air’s ’55-57 Thunderbird Complete Kit makes it simple to add modern comfort and convenience to your T-bird where nothing existed from the factory.

The complete kit uses a Thunderbird-specific, precision-engineered Y-block compressor bracket and a crimped refrigerant hose kit to ensure a direct fit. Also included is a bolt-on condenser kit with a binary safety switch. Inside the car, Vintage Air’s compact Heritage Series underdash evaporator features an engine-turned aluminum face to blend in with the T-bird’s artful trim and allows retention of the OEM heater and defroster. The injection molded Heritage evaporator measures just 16-1/4 inches in width, 5-1/4 inches tall, and 12 inches deep.

For more info, check out Vintage Air by calling (800) 862-6658 or visit

01 Custom Autosound s USA 630 e1708052557720

Custom Autosound’s USA-630

The USA-630 is designed to provide the best in audio technology wrapped in a classic car stereo look. It will fit your car or truck’s stock dash without any modifications required. It has been designed with a bezel containing your car’s manufacturer logo as well as large OEM-style push buttons to complement your dash. When it comes to electronics the USA-630 boasts modern features like a USB input for flash drives to play back MP3/WMA song files and a dock for your iPod. When connected to these devices the radio’s digital display will show artist, song, album titles, and allow song navigation through the radio itself. The USA-630 is compatible with Custom Autosound’s optional BLUKIT, which enables Bluetooth music streaming from your enabled phone as well as hands-free mobile calling through the vehicle’s speakers and BLUKIT’s built-in microphone. With 300-watts peak the radio provides plenty of power but additionally contains four RCA pre-outs for optional amplifiers. It also comes with auxiliary inputs for satellite radio tuners, iPhones, or any portable player you may wish to use. For more info, check out Custom Autosound by calling (800) 888-8637 or visit

02 Detroit Speed’s Quiet 9 Inch Rearend

Detroit Speed’s Quiet 9 Inch Rearend

Now you can have reduced noise and increased efficiency with Detroit Speed’s FN988 centersection, a 9 inch housing utilizing 8.8-inch internal components in five different gear ratios (3.08, 3.27, 3.55, 3.73, and 4.10). Complete with forged alloy steel carrier bearing caps, a high-strength nodular cast-iron case, safety-wired ARP bolts, a 1350 forged steel pinion yoke, and a 31-spline Eaton Truetrac differential. It’s built to handle some serious power and deliver it quietly and more efficiently than any 9 inch rearend. For more info, check out Detroit Speed and Engineering by calling (704) 662-3272 or visit

03 Granatelli Motor Sports’ All In One Brake Line Flaring Tool

Granatelli Motor SportsAll-In-One Brake Line Flaring Tool

Your Granatelli Motor Sports 3/16- and ¼-inch On-Car Brake Line Flaring Tool is an ideal tool for your toolbox. Unique features and benefits include that it can be used in a bench vise or on the car, two-operation all-in-one threaded die. Comes in an impact-resistant case and provides you with the necessary tools you will need to do the flaring project ahead of you.

For more info, check out Granatelli Motor Sports by calling (805) 486-6644 or visit

04 Power Steering Conversion Kit For Mopars

Power Steering Conversion Kit For Mopars

You can upgrade your big block Mopar to modern steering response and road feel with a Borgeson Power Steering Conversion Kit. It comes with 14:1 quick-ratio steering, adds clearance for headers, Saginaw-style pump calibrated, heavy-duty pump mounting bracket, sealed, U-joint-style steering coupler with integral vibration dampening, and assembled pressure and return side hoses.

The Borgeson power steering kit is designed for these Mopars with a 383-440 CID big-block and a 1-1/8-inch-diameter pitman shaft. It covers these popular years, ’70-72 E-body, ’62-72 B-body, and ’67-69 Dart/Barracuda.

For more info, check out Summit Racing Equipment by calling (800) 230-3030 or visit

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