Routing fuel, brake, and hydraulic clutch lines is often looked at as a “small and easy” project that can oftentimes have us pulling our hair out. Here’s a viable solution for getting these lines from one side of the frame to the other—via through-the-frame bulkhead fittings.

Art Morrison Enterprises (AME) has produced these bulkhead fittings for a while but they never get old, and now might be the time to get out  in the shop and see if you can not only solve a problem but also enhance your hot rod’s look.

These bulkhead-type fittings are designed for use with standard 2-inch-wide framerails and available in three configurations: -3 AN male/-3 AN female, -3 AN male/-3 AN male, and AN-6 male/AN-6 male.

These fittings are manufactured in-house by AME from premium stainless steel material, making these fittings  impervious to rust and corrosion.

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