Tavis Highlander 1970 Chevelle Rendering

Artwork by Tavis Highlander

Instagram: @tavishighlander

Vehicle owner: Jason Flis
Nokesville, Virginia
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

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Sometimes deciding on the details is incredibly difficult with a big project. The owner of this Chevelle had some major bits already picked out, like the main paint color and wheels. What goes along with those items to finish it all off though? Some of the answers were decided by first jumping inside the car and coming up with an interior design. We started off by coming up with one-off door panels, seat inserts, and a console. A saddle/brown color was used in combination with a light tan to break up the interior and add interest. Since this is a convertible, it was paramount that the interior colors play well with the minty metallic paint on the exterior.

On the outside a set of Schott wheels were treated to a dirty bronze accent, which could play off of the dark interior color. A custom front valance was designed to work along with the rest of the bodywork. The convertible top matches the light interior color while white SS stripes pop off the metallic mint paint.

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