Hundreds of Ford Trucks Invade Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, for the Record-Setting Event

By Tommy Lee Byrd – Photography by the Author

When it comes to classic trucks, the Ford F-series has a tremendous following—and for good reason. These trucks were workhorses when they were new, and they now offer a step back to simpler times, even if they’re updated with modern equipment. The Grand National F-100 Show provides common ground for classic Ford truck enthusiasts, whether you like original restorations, lifted 4x4s, slammed trucks with patina, or anything in-between. The event takes place annually at the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and packs every square inch of the convention center, as well as the surrounding parking lots. Dozens of vendors and trucks reserve spots inside the arena, while hundreds more trucks file into the outside lots. There is a swap meet, food vendors, and all sorts of great family friendly fun to be had all weekend long.002_Grand_National_F100_2022We have watched this event grow for the past few years, and this year saw even more growth, with approximately 900 Ford trucks on hand and thousands of spectators over the course of the three-day show. 2022 marked the fifth annual event at which we saw trucks from all over the country represented. In fact, there was a group of F-100s that drove all the way from California to take part in the event. The “Super Tour” racked up 5,000 miles on the incredible round-trip, which included many scenic stops along the way. No matter your location or preference in build style, there was something for every Ford truck enthusiast to enjoy at the Grand National F-100 Show. Take a look at some of our highlights from this epic event and check out gnf100show.com for more information.

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