Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop

Rodding Around – A Look at What’s Happening Today

This is a new monthly column for Modern Rodding that deals with what’s happening today throughout our hobby. We will take a quick look at professional shops, hometown garages, industry news, event news, anything that would be of interest to all of us rodders. If you would like to have your latest project featured or show us what’s happening in your shop, be it professional or homebuilt, please contact Brian Brennan at

Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop

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A quick look to the South and we see what’s happening at Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop in Knoxville, Tennessee. Alloway always has plenty going on, whether it be Corvettes, El Caminos, Tri-Fives, or early hot rods. Remember, his shop builds the Shades of the Past–hosted Hot Rod Roundup giveaway roadster every year.

After a quick look around we found a 1966 Chevelle getting ready for paint, a 1961 Chevy Impala with LS power for Diane Rowe receiving some mechanical attention, a 1970 El Camino for Jerry Rice in the body shop, and a 1959 Chevy El Camino belonging to Brian Kilgore, also in the body shop.

Two of our favorites are the 1934 Ford five-window coupe belonging to Larry Olson with the “MacDaddy” himself, Alloway, performing sheetmetal repair to the driver side door. Now, if you are a fan of Tri-Fives and big-block massive hyperpower and torque then check out George Lange’s bad boy 1956 post car with Josh Bailey working on the frontend (core support area).and the trademark Alloway wheels. We can also guess the PPG Alloway black will be sprayed in due time.

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