Tavis Highlander’s Chevy Concept artowork

Artwork by: Tavis Highlander
Instagram: @tavishighlander
Build by: Bux Customs – Pottstown, Pennsylvania

In 2003, Chris McClintock started this Nova project with the intention of using it as a rolling business card to promote his new upholstery shop Bux Customs. Like many projects, elements were finished as time was available and the car ended up at the 90 percent mark years later. With the upholstery business flourishing, the little Nova was sidelined, but its time has come for a thorough refresh.

A 6.0L backed by a T56 had been installed early on and remained while many other pieces were updated. A new Scott’s Hotrods frontend, Schott wheels, and Clayton pedals are some of the upgraded parts that are now being installed on the wagon. Some metal and mechanical work is being performed by Steel Town Garage in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, for extra safety. Vaughn’s Restoration in Norristown, Pennsylvania, will handle the paint and body.

Which color combo should Chris go with? We’ve narrowed it down to three, and the toughest choice is now picking the final one!

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