Our Pick of Performance Parts For Your Classic Truck 2023

Aeromotive’s New Gen II Stealth Fuel Tank for ’67-72 Chevrolet C10 Trucks

Introducing the latest addition to Aeromotive’s Gen II Stealth Fuel Tank Lineup, this one is designed specifically for the hugely popular ’67-72 Chevrolet C10 truck. This rear-mount configuration allows builders to easily replace the in-cab fuel tank with a 17-gallon tank behind the rear axle and between the framerails. Aeromotive’s fully assembled Gen II Stealth rear-mount, 17-gallon fuel tank includes an innovative installation kit that provides enthusiasts with a complete tank swap solution. Aeromotive’s highly anticipated tanks are perfect for LS-type swaps and carbureted setups. The Gen II Stealth Tank comes fully assembled in painted steel, complete with Aeromotive’s patented foam and basket assembly to control fuel slosh. Also included are a 0- to 90-ohm fuel level sender and an outlet cap with a -06 ORB outlet and return port. Setting the Aeromotive product apart from the competition, the ’67-72 Chevrolet C10 tank installation kit provides a complete relocation solution. No searching for compatible filler cap components, sending units, or pump assemblies to complete the installation, this comprehensive kit includes a bed-mount fuel filler cap assembly, framerail/filler neck locator drill guides, tank straps, and all mounting hardware. Everything needed is in the box! Installation requires only four holes drilled in the framerails plus a hole pattern in the bed floor for the filler cap. Framerail cutting is not required, in most cases. These exciting new tanks are available with three high-performing Aeromotive fuel pump options: 200, 340, and 450 LPH. The pumps can support up to approximately 800 FWHP when used in conjunction with a gas/EFI/forced induction combination or a maximum of approximately 550 FWHP in an E-85/EFI/forced induction combination.

For more information, contact Aeromotive by visiting aeromotiveinc.com.

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Pro’s Pick ’64-79 Tucked Bumper Bracket Kits

Pro’s Pick now offers tucked-in rear bumper bracket kits for ’64-79 F-100 trucks equipped with a Styleside bed and a sport bumper. They are designed to allow the bumper to be installed in the factory mounting position while also affording the adjustability of tucking the bumper, forward and upward, simultaneously, to allow for a cleaner look at the rear of the truck. The brackets are made with 3/16-inch steel and come epoxy primed, ready to be test-fitted, sanded, and painted. These kits include the bracket-to-frame mounting hardware (bumper-to-bracket hardware sold separately), allowing for easy installation using the factory mounting locations on the truck frame. For more information, contact Pro’s Pick at (888) 607-1115 or visit pros-pick.com.

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CTP DEC 2023 Parts Dept 03

Auto Metal Direct’s New Fuel Filler Pipes for ’73-87 Chevy and GMC C/K Pickup Trucks

Auto Metal Direct is thrilled to announce the release of their brand-new fuel filler pipes specifically designed for the ’73-87 Chevy and GMC C/K Squarebody pickup trucks. These state-of-the-art components have been meticulously crafted to ensure precision fitting and optimum performance. The range includes the Fuel Filler Pipe for ’73-78 Chevy GMC C/K pickup truck-Fleetside (PN 891-4073-6), the Fuel Filler Pipe for ’79-83 Chevy GMC C/K pickup truck-Fleetside (PN 891-4079-6), and the Fuel Filler Pipe-Gas for ’84-87 Chevy GMC C/K pickup truck-Fleetside (PN 891-4084-6). For those with diesel engines, Auto Metal Direct has also unveiled the Fuel Filler Pipe-Diesel with 20-gallon tank for ’84-87 Chevy GMC C/K pickup truck-Fleetside (PN 891-4084-6D). These are more than just parts, they represent Auto Metal Direct’s unwavering commitment to quality and the classic truck community.

For more information, contact Auto Metal Direct by visiting autometaldirect.com.

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CTP NOV 2023 Parts Dept 01

Dakota Digital’s All-New FiTech-Compatible BIM Module

Dakota Digital has a new BIM module to add to their list of supported aftermarket EFI manufacturers. The BIM-01-2-FTCH fits new FiTech LS, TBI, and TCU applications. Like other similar BIMs, this unit retails at $119.95. The BIM-01-2-FTCH is designed to read the engine information from new FiTech EFI kits. It is connected to the units with a supplied 2.5mm “Y” harness, allowing the handheld controller to remain functional. The BIM-01-2-FTCH will collect and output the following information to the Dakota Digital instrument dystem: speed, rpm, water temp, boost psi, air/fuel ratio, intake air temp, trans temp, and gear position. For more info, contact Dakota Digital by calling (800) 852-3228 or visit dakotadigital.com.

CTP NOV 2023 Parts Dept 02

Eddie Motorsports ’55-59 & ’67-72 Hood Hinges

Eddie Motorsports launches its new Kinetic Hinge for ’55-59 and ’67-72 C10s to bring your ride to the next level. Using the same T-6061 as the aerospace industry, these hinges are strong enough for anything from your daily ride to your weekend cruiser. The precision-cut accent windows are sure to bring any engine compartment up a notch. Each pivot point gets a smooth sealed bearing and nitrogen-charged strut to aid in popping that hood at your next truck event. Increased adjustability means no more hiding those body lines. These attractive billet hood hinges are designed as a direct bolt-on to replace the flimsy, standard, stamped steel hinge and spring. No cutting, no modifying, no problems. It is a difference you can see and feel the first time you open and shut the hood. Precision CNC machined from high-quality 6061 T6 aluminum, it is available in 10 different custom finishes as well as polished, machined, matte black, or any of their Fusioncoat color finishes.
For more info, contact Eddie Motorsports by calling (909) 581-7398 or visit eddiemotorsports.com.

CTP OCT 2023 Parts Dept 01

LT4 Supercharger Dress-Up

Lokar Performance Products recently announced an addition to their LS Classic Series line with their new GM LT4 Supercharger Lid. With its finned aluminum construction and polished highlights, the Supercharger Lid provides a slick vintage look for your modern supercharged LT4 engine. These lids are a direct replacement for the factory supercharger lid, can be installed in as little as 15 minutes, and are made right here in the USA! For more info, contact Lokar Performance Products by calling (865) 824-9767 or visit lokar.com.

CTP OCT 2023 Parts Dept 02

Ford F-Series Bumpside Hood

Auto Metal Direct (AMD), a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality automotive sheetmetal, is proud to introduce the all-new AMD Steel Hood—OE-style tailored exclusively for the iconic ’67-72 Ford F-Series (150/250/350) pickup trucks. This isn’t just another hood; it’s a homage to an era, an ode to the legendary Bumpside trucks, that have roared through the pages of automotive history. Over the years, the Bumpside series of Ford trucks, with their distinct bumped line that runs alongside the flanks, have garnered a unique place in the trucking realm. But for too long enthusiasts and restorers have yearned for a truly premium restoration-quality hood that complements the Bumpside’s legendary stature. AMD has answered that call. Crafted with precision and unparalleled craftsmanship, this reproduction hood rekindles the classic charm of the Bumpside trucks, infusing them with a renewed life. Every curve, bend, and contour has been meticulously crafted to reflect the OEM style. The use of top-notch, automotive-grade steel ensures durability while preserving the authenticity of your beloved truck. With the AMD Steel Reproduction Hood, you’re not just investing in a part, you’re investing in a legacy. Give your Bumpside Ford truck the respect and reverence it deserves with this premium hood, ensuring it turns heads and ignites conversations wherever it goes. For more info, contact Auto Metal Direct by calling (877) 575-3586 or visit autometaldirect.com.

CTP OCT 2023 Parts Dept 03

All-New Chevrolet Cameo Trim!

Quality Classic Parts has been producing quality reproduction parts for over 50 years. Their latest challenge was to make Chevrolet Cameo trucks more affordable. Prior to introducing the new bed trim pieces, the only option was to find the elusive original parts and have them restored and rechromed, which was a costly endeavor, to say the least. Owners were spending up to $5,000 just to recondition the parts after they acquired them. Quality Classic Parts now offers them at a fraction of that cost. The 18-piece kit sells for under $2,400.

For more info, contact Quality Classic Parts by visiting qualityclassicparts.com.

01 Duralast Severe Duty Brake Pads Rotors

Kwik Performance Accessory Drive Bracket For LS Swaps

Sometimes, generic engine swap solutions aren’t good enough, so that’s why Kwik Performance has developed a front accessory drive bracket system called the High & Tight series specifically for Chevy LS swaps in C10 and ’88-98 OBS Chevy trucks. The High & Tight AC bracket mounts the smaller Sanden SD7B10-7176 compressor right in front of the passenger-side cylinder head, which solves the low factory compressor location issues with framerails and crossmembers.

 The High & Tight alternator and power steering pump bracket keeps the alternator and power steering pump that typically comes with a salvage yard engine but solves several issues when trying to reuse the factory truck bracket. For example, the idler pulley is placed under the alternator, which means almost any passenger car or aftermarket intake manifold can be used. Also, the power steering pump has been moved up and in compared to the stock location, solving frame and steering box clearance issues. The Kwik Performance High & Tight brackets can be purchased separately or together and require either an LS truck or LS3 Camaro harmonic balancer and water pump. Kwik Performance has a full line of front accessory brackets for most Chevy engine series, including SBC, BBC, LS, and Gen 5 LT.

For more info, contact Kwik Performance at (417) 955-1467 or visit kwikperf.com.

02 Duralast Severe Duty Brake Pads Rotors

1963-72 Chevy Truck Frame Mounted Relocation Gas Tank

Tanks Inc. announces the release of a frame-mounted relocation gas tank for the ’63-72 GM trucks. This EFI-ready tank makes it easy to move the tank out of the cab of your truck to under the bed.

Available in three different neck configurations to fill through the bed or to a custom side fill. This die-stamped steel tank features a separate pump and sender to easily match the pump to your engine as well as different ohm ranges for the sender to correctly match to factory or aftermarket gauges. The price for the tank is $325.

For more info, contact Tanks Inc. at (877) 596-3842 or visit tanksinc.com.

Duralast Severe Duty Brake Pads & Rotors

Duralast Severe Duty Brake Pads feature an advanced friction block formulated for consistent stopping power with a burnishing strip designed to spread the braking load across the pad and rotor surface. Unique slots and chamfers help eliminate noise while extra-thick shims provide improved damping and quieter braking action.

The Duralast Severe Duty rotors contain advanced metallurgy to improve heat dissipation and reduce wear plus they’re fully zinc coated to resist corrosion. Duralast Severe Duty brake components are engineered to match the OE physical configuration for a perfect fit, with improved performance in tough conditions and under heavy loads.

For more info, visit duralastparts.com.

01 Hotshoe Hot Rods 67 87 Chevy C10 Shortbed Frame

Hotshoe Hot Rods’ 1967-87 Chevy C10 Shortbed Frame

Hotshoe Hot Rods introduces a new line to their older truck series frames. For Chevrolet they now offer 1967-87 short bed frames. These are built with 11-gallon P&O steel and are laser cut for accuracy to produce the proper shape of an original frame rail. Then, the ’rails are boxed to give them superior strength. The center section is made from 1 1/2×0.120-inch wall P&O steel round tube shaped in-house with their digital tubing bender and built in a fissure for consistency. The frame comes with all external mounting brakes. Hotshoe Hot Rods can add front and rear suspensions from a variety of sources. The frame and all components are fit together and TIG welded for strength and cleanness. All frames come with a hand-ground 50-grit finish. If you’re looking for a handbuilt custom frame, this is it. Hotshoe Hot Rods is proud to have their first 1973-87 frame under the National Street Rod Association Giveaway truck for 2023.

For more info, contact Hotshoe Hot Rods by calling (417) 466-0288 or visit hotshoehotrods.com.

Granatelli Motor Sports’ Oval Exhaust Components

02 Granatelli Motor Sports’ Oval Exhaust Components

Is your exhaust system sitting too low and scraping the pavement? Consider converting that round tubing system to one made with low-profile oval tubing. It’s easy to do with Granatelli Motor Sports oval exhaust components. The line of stainless steel straight tubing, bends, and mufflers allows you to build a 3-inch-diameter system that is just 2.25 inches tall. That means you get the flow of a big exhaust system plus an extra 0.750 inch of ground clearance. Granatelli Motor Sports oval exhaust components are mandrel bent from 409 stainless steel for maximum flow and long life. Straight tubing is available in 5-foot lengths; vertical and horizontal bends are available in 45- and 90-degree angles. Granatelli also makes a stainless steel muffler with 3-inch oval center inlet/offset outlets and a polished case. Granatelli Motor Sports transitions let you mate headers to oval tubing or add 3-inch oval tubing to an existing 3-inch round tube exhaust system. Summit Racing also carries Granatelli Motor Sports Oval Exhaust Cutouts. The CNC-machined aluminum cutouts have a smart chip-controlled activation switch to open and close the butterfly plates, stainless steel butterfly plates and blade shafts, high-torque DC gear-reduction motors, and plug-and-play wiring connections. Kits are available for single- and dual-exhaust systems.

For more info, contact Summit Racing Equipment by calling (800) 230-3030 or visit summitracing.com.

Weld-In Frame Stub For 7th Gen F150

01 Weld In Frame Stub For 7th Gen F150

Fatman Fabrications’ New 1980-86 Ford F150 Bolt-In/Weld-In Frame Stub.

Fatman Fabrications has been hard at work developing more bolt-in-capable kits for our front suspensions. Their newest addition covers the ’80-86 Ford F150s. We decided that instead of having to cut out all the twin-I beam crossmember, a better approach on these trucks was to use our extensive experience building weld-on stubs and a whole new front frame section that will bolt on using some of the existing holes for location.

The customer will have the option of welding it in for some extra peace of mind and added strength. By going to a cleaner, more compact, stronger set of 2x5x0.188-inch wall rails we’ve added a bunch of strength and stability. This kit will also use our new modular engine mount system. A set of tabs welded to the rear of the crossmember will provide a bolt-in point for a set of bushed stands that can be moved to fit Ford Windsors, Ford big blocks, Coyotes engines, and even GM LS engines. You can swap engines whenever you like by just purchasing a set of engine mounts from Fatman Fabrications and moving the stands into their proper location. They’ve set the mounts up using the factory driveline offset to keep the transmission centered up in the tunnel to minimize sheet metal modifications and allow it to line up properly with the factory rear end.

For more info, contact Fatman Fabrications at (704) 545-0369 or visit fatmanfab.com.

02 Golden Star Auto single pedal PN BK07 67AT

Golden Star Auto’s New 1967-72 C10 Pedal Assembly

Golden Star Auto announced their all-new, factory replacement pedal assemblies for the ever-popular ’67-72 Chevrolet/GMC 1/2-ton series. Available in both automatic (single pedal PN BK07-67AT) and manual (dual pedal PN BK07-67TM) options, the assemblies are the perfect addition when doing a brake and/or clutch upgrade on your C10 Truck for those not wanting to use an aftermarket billet setup or have the hassle of finding a suitable junkyard replacement if your stock assembly is worn out. For more information, contact Golden Star Auto at (972)-315-3758 or visit goldenstarauto.com.

03 Golden Star Auto dual pedal PN BK07 67TM

Dojamat: Retro Floor Mats For Your Classic Truck!

Dojamat presents top-quality, retro-style rubber floor mats for your classic rig. Now you can get your favorite nostalgic rubber floor mats in a wide variety of colors and designs. Whether you want the year of your rig or a favorite slogan like Truck’n, 4×4, Squarebody, Bumpside, Dentside, Bullnose, Highboy, and many more (with more new options coming!). These throwback-style mats are premium, heavy-duty rubber with enhanced non-slip grip pads on the back to keep the mats in place.

For more info, contact Dojamat at dojamat.com or follow them on Instagram @dojamats.

04 Dojamat Retro Floor Mats For Your Classic Truck! 05 Dojamat whether you want the year of your rig or a favorite slogan

03 Schwartz Performances G Machine Chassis For ‘47 54 GM Trucks

Schwartz Performance’s G-Machine Chassis For ‘47-54 GM Trucks

Schwartz Performance is proud to expand their G-Machine Chassis offerings for classic trucks with the addition of a bolt-in chassis for ’47-54 GM trucks. The G-Machine Chassis is designed to bolt to most of the factory cab/body mounting locations and requires no floor cutting (except to accommodate different transmissions). The 6-inch frame rails produce a rigid foundation that delivers a smooth ride with amazing handling to transform any vintage truck to a comfortable, stable ride.

The updated front suspension includes needle bearing supported A-arms for smooth bind-free movement along with separate caster and camber adjustments. Extra-long adjustable Ridetech coilovers have been positioned at each corner to produce superior ride quality and comfort. The rear suspension is a triangulated four-bar system with bind-free, Teflon-lined spherical rod ends coupled to a full-floating Moser 9 inch rear end. Other standard equipment supplied with Schwartz Performance G-Machine Chassis include a power rack, six-piston Baer brakes and 13-inch rotors up front with four-piston rear, a full-floating rear axle filled with an Eaton Truetrac and gears, splined front and rear sway bars with billet arms, and single-adjustable Ridetech coilovers.

To help get your project and new G-Machine Chassis rolling, Schwartz Performance offers a variety of different wheel and tire packages as well as many GM, Ford, or Mopar crate engines/drivetrains. G-Machine Chassis are available for GM trucks from 1947-72, Ford trucks including ’48-52 F-1 and’67-72 F-100, and most classic and muscle car applications for GM, Ford, and Chrysler.

For more info, contact Schwartz Performance at (815) 770-0751 or visit schwartzperformance.com.

02 Cowl Side Panels for the ’73 80 Chevy GMC C K Square Body trucks

AMD’s Cowl Side Panels For 73-91 GM Square Body Trucks

Auto Metal Direct, a leading provider of high-quality automotive sheet metal, is excited to announce the launch of its all-new Cowl Side Panels for the ’73-80 and ’81-91 Chevy GMC C/K Square Body trucks, Blazer, Jimmy, and Suburbans. These panels are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring a perfect fit and long-lasting durability for classic truck restoration and customization projects.

The Cowl Side Panels are crafted from high-quality, OE-gauge steel, providing unmatched strength and resilience for truck owners seeking to restore their vehicles to their original glory. The panels have undergone extensive testing and quality-control processes to ensure a seamless fit, making installation easier for professional builders and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Auto Metal Direct understands the challenges faced by classic truck owners in finding reliable, high-quality replacement parts. These all-new Cowl Side Panels are the ultimate solution for those looking to revive their Chevy GMC C/K Square Body pickup trucks, Blazer, Jimmy, and Suburbans.

Key features of the Auto Metal Direct Cowl Side Panels include: manufactured using OE-gauge automotive grade steel for superior durability and strength; designed for a precise fit on ’73-80 and ’81-91 Chevy GMC C/K Squarebody pickup trucks, Blazer, Jimmy, and Suburbans; rigorous quality control and testing to ensure seamless installation and lasting performance; and ideal for both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts seeking to restore their classic trucks.

01 Cowl Side Panels for the ’81 91 Chevy GMC C K Square Body trucks

For more info, contact Auto Metal Direct at (833) 404-4777 or visit autometaldirect.com.

CTP MAy 2023 Parts Dept 01 2048x1365


One of the biggest trends we’re seeing is the resurgence of the ’88-98 Chevy OBS trucks. While there are a handful of suspension and brake parts already on the market, most were designed when these trucks were new. A lot changed in the last 20 to 30 years and Classic Performance Products (CPP) thinks there is a plenty of room for improvement. That’s why they are developing entirely new products for the OBS trucks with the goal of integrating modern technology and design to accommodates today’s contemporary build styles.

One of the first products they designed and built are tubular control arms. To give more wheel-to-fender clearance, their Tubular Arms are 1.5 inches narrower per side than factory, opening up many more wheel options. Made from DOM tubing, these arms are seriously tough, while integrating features like steering stops, bumpstops, and sway bar mounts. They will also work with a stock coil and shock setup or dual-adjustable coilovers with packages available in multiple ride height options for either. Kits even come with sway bar endlinks featuring rod ends on one side and bushings on the other to connect the factory sway bar for lowered applications.

For more information, contact Classic Performance Products by calling (833) 710-8791 or visit classicperform.com.

CTP MAY 2023 Parts Dept 02 CTP MAY 2023 Parts Dept 03 CTP MAY 2023 Parts Dept 04

Classic Instruments ReDesigns ITS Tach Force Package

Classic Instruments has made product improvements to its ’55-59 Chevy Truck Tach Force Package. The assembly now features a molded housing, and installation is improved with a single snap-in wire harness. Additionally, the cluster now includes a fuel sender selector switch for compatibility with any fuel sender and a built-in dimmer switch. The Tach Force Package can be purchased from Classic Instruments direct or through any one of its authorized dealers.

Classic Instruments has been handcrafting in America since 1977. The company offers a full line of catalog order instrumentation for a wide range of Ford and Chevy model cars and pickup trucks, plus over 100 universal-fit instruments. The Classic Instruments’ line also includes many specialty items, such as performance series instruments, Zeus speedometer technology, and Fuel-Link. Classic Instruments can build virtually anything through their dedicated Instrument Customization Unit. Whether it’s a direct-fit set, retro-fit, or complete custom, their team is ready to help add “the finishing touch” to any project.

For more information, contact Classic Instruments at (800) 575-0461 or info@classicinstruments.com.

01 Direct Fit Universal Bucket Seats From LMC Trucks 696x630

Direct Fit Universal Bucket Seats From LMC Trucks

LMC Truck’s Universal Bucket Seat sets come assembled and include the seat slider tracks and seat reclining mechanism. The seats are universal and require mounting brackets for installation (mounting brackets sold separately). Bucket seats are made from premium-grade vinyl and stitching that will stand up to years of wear and tear. The ergonomically shaped seat cushions are made with high-density, injection-molded foam to ensure comfort with the proper support. The all-metal seat frame is TIG-welded then electrostatically coated for strength and durability. LMC Truck Custom Bucket Seat sets come in black only (with red or black stitching).


  • 1947-94 Chevy & GMC
  • 1948-86 Ford Trucks
  • 1972-93 Dodge Trucks

For more information, contact LMC Truck by calling (800) 562-8782 or visit lmctruck.com.

02 Pro’s Pick’s Aluminum Tonneau Covers

Pro’s Pick’s Aluminum Tonneau Covers

Pro’s Pick has had great success over the years with their Hard Top Aluminum Tonneau Covers. With many design improvements and subtle changes, the most current version of this product is sure to give truck enthusiasts all the benefits they expect from a quality tonneau cover. Most people start their search for a tonneau for practical reasons, like protecting all of their gear or nice wood bed floor from the elements, or perhaps keeping their possessions secure and out of reach while being away from their truck.

The Pro’s Pick Hard Top Cover checks all those boxes. Its front and side drip trays collect water and direct it out through the bedside pocket. Its electric lift actuators keep the cover from being opened while in the closed position and make opening and closing a breeze with the use of a simple switch.

Pro’s Pick’s tonneau cover takes care of all those practical needs while at the same time offering a finished look that nothing else compares to. Fitting nicely in-between the bedsides instead of on top it offers a nice flush finish; the smooth aluminum skin supported by a tube frame means there is no drooping or flapping.

Another huge benefit to the Pro’s Pick cover is that it can be installed into a truck that has already been painted. All components are aluminum, stainless, and other rust-free materials. Pro’s Pick also offers other parts for your classic truck like bumper brackets, truck beds, SS bed floor strips, and more!

For more info, contact Pro’s Pick by calling (800) 865-7366 or visit pros-pick.com.

Polished & Chrome Plated Advance Design Chevy Truck Grille

01 Polished Chrome Plated Advance Design Chevy Truck Grille 696x465

Golden Star Classic Auto Parts just released an all-new grille for ’47-53 GM trucks. This grille is a huge upgrade to what is currently available on the market. By carefully hand polishing and finishing the metal BEFORE the grille is chrome plated, the grille’s chrome finish is absolutely flawless. It is a perfect example of “you get what you pay for.” Retail pricing: $999.95, All Chrome (PN GR07-473C) and Chrome/Ivory (PN GR07-472C).
For more info, contact Golden Star Classic Auto Parts by calling (972) 315-3758 or visit goldenstarauto.com.

02 TrackLine Adjustable Shock Absorber Kit For 63 87 Chevy C10s

TrackLine Adjustable Shock Absorber Kit For 63-87 Chevy C10s

Aldan American just released their new, double-adjustable TrackLine Series shock kits for ’63-87 Chevrolet/GMC C10 trucks. TrackLine shocks offer 66 points of shock adjustment for rebound and compression tuning capabilities. Control both rebound and compression adjustments independently for better traction, handling, and responsiveness from your suspension. Double-adjustable shocks are popular for street and track applications that demand greater adjustability than conventional shocks. TrackLine Series shocks are made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and are fully rebuildable and serviceable for a lifetime of use. Aldan American products are proudly made in the USA. The TrackLine Shock kits are designed to update OEM shocks to fully adjustable shock absorbers. Adjustable Aldan shocks are designed to create a more consistent, smoother ride for your classic truck. Rear TrackLine Series shocks are designed to work with factory-style rear leaf springs or coil springs and use the OEM shock mounting locations in the rear. If you have a stock, lowered, or airbag C10 chassis, check out the latest TrackLine Series shocks from Aldan American.

For more info, contact Aldan American by calling (310) 834-7478 or visit aldanamerican.com.

01 Classic Instruments Direct Fit Gauges For 1973 1979 Ford Truck Package 696x464 1

Ford F-Series Retroliner from Bedwood, and Parts

BedWood and Parts announces the release of its new RetroLiner for the 1973-79 Ford F-Series pickup. The RetroLiner is an industry-exclusive, application-specific, real wood bed liner system designed for pickup trucks with a factory metal bed floor. It offers classic styling in a variety of natural wood tones and colors to customize the largest flat surface on your pickup.

Each RetroLiner kit includes the following: components, features, and benefits: laser measured

  • 3-D modeled
  • Digitally designed to ensure precise fitment
  • CNC milled to match the contours of the truck bed
  • Available in a wide variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods to accent any paint or interior color.

It’s pre-sealed with your choice of HydroSatin or HydroShine proprietary waterborne exterior wood sealer and finish. The state-of-the-art mounting system allows the RetroLiner to “float” just above the stock metal bed floor, allowing rain or wash water to drain appropriately.

No drilling is required so you won’t threaten your body warranty. Simple installation requires nothing more than an Allen wrench. The kit includes all wood components, mounting frame, mounting pads, a complete set of pre-cut, pre-punched polished stainless steel bed strips, and a complete polished stainless steel hardware kit, neatly packaged in a single box and ready to install. Can be easily removed and reinstalled to accommodate various hauling situations.

For more information, contact BedWood and Parts by calling (270) 424-300 or visit bedwood.com.

01 73 to 79 Ford F Series Bedliners

’77-80 GM Interior Door Panel Cups

Classic Industries, the leader in quality restoration parts and accessories worldwide, announces the arrival of the new, OER reproduction door handle cups (escutcheons) designed for ’77-’80 Chevy and GMC pickups including ‘77-’80 Blazer, ‘77-’80 Jimmy, and ‘77-’80 Suburban models with the YE9 or Z84 interior trim package.

This part is manufactured in injection-molded ABS plastic with the correct leather grain and the proper sheen and texture for an authentic-looking replacement. The component is available in black and includes the RH and LH door handle cup escutcheon. Sold in pairs.

For more information, contact Classic Industries at (800) 854-1280 and classicindustries.com.

02 Classic Truck Door Panels with Cup Holders

Classic Instruments Direct Fit Gauges For 1973-1979 Ford Truck Package

Classic Instruments releases an all-new Ford direct-fit 1973-79 Ford truck package. It debuted at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky, in the new product competition. The package will be available in black and white and fits ’78-79 Ford Broncos and ’75-91 Ford Econoline vans. This all-electric cluster features a speedometer, fuel, oil, temperature, and volt gauges. It has green turn signal indicators, a blue high beam indicator, and two red warning lights. Classic Instruments’ Hybrid LED Lighting offers the feel of the original perimeter lighting and the visual benefits of backlighting: even illumination and clear nighttime readability. The cluster also has a built-in dimmer and separate power (12V) and ground leads in the wire harness for the warning lights. The cluster is wired with a single snap-in wire harness on the back of the cluster. Mounting hardware is included to install with the original bezel and lens and setup is a breeze with push-button speedometer calibration. The fuel gauge is programmable for any ohm range with a selector switch on the back of the cluster, meaning the fuel gauge will work with the stock sending unit, any other factory sending units, or any Classic Instruments fuel sending unit. All other necessary sending units are included with a Classic Instruments Ford no fuel sending unit kit (PN SNFDNF). Save space with Classic Instruments’ Zeus Speedometer Technology built-in, meaning the cluster requires no external control boxes and works directly with ECM or VSS signals and it has a built-in ECM signal filter switch.02 Direct Fit Gauges For 1973 1979 Ford Truck Package from Classic InstrumentsFor more information, contact Classic Instruments by calling (800) 575-0461 or email info@classicinstruments.com.

Borgeson Street & Performance Power Quick Ratio Steering Box For 1988-98 Chevy OBS Trucks

Expanding on its wildly successful Street & Performance Series of steering gears Borgeson Universal now offers the only power quick ratio steering box to replace the Delphi 800 series in the ’88-98 Chevrolet OBS trucks. This all-new power steering box has a quick 12.7:1 ratio with a firm modern steering feel. The Borgeson Street & Performance power steering box will bolt directly to the stock location and fit to the original power steering pitman arm, steering shaft, and power steering hoses. For more information, contact Borgeson Universal by visiting borgeson.com.03 Borgeson Street Performance Power Quick Ratio Steering Box For 1988 98 Chevy OBS Trucks

Bolt-on C4 Corvette IRS Kits and Custom Task Force Crew Cabs

01 Bolt On C4 Corvette Independent Rear Suspension Kits
Bolt-On C4 Corvette Independent Rear Suspension Kits
It’s a proven fact that independent rear suspensions provide superior ride and handling capabilities that are not available with solid axle–style suspensions. That is why most modern late-model cars and SUVs come equipped with independent suspension systems. Used C4 Corvette rear suspensions are readily available and very cost-effective in most parts of the country. The excellent design of the Corvette rear suspension allows you to take advantage of the unmatched cornering, handling, and ride quality that it affords. If you drive your classic truck and demand quality components that are designed for enjoyable fun miles this is the setup for you.

Flat Out Engineering offers several kits to install ’84-96 Corvette rear suspension in most early Ford and Chevy pickups and panels, many of which are designed to be completely bolt-on, with no welding or cutting of the frame required. These kits are designed to be easy to install for the average DIY home enthusiast. The kit pictured is for ’55-59 Chevy and GMC pickups and panels. Similar kits are available for Ford F-100s and several other classic truck and street rod applications.

For more information, contact Flat Out Engineering by calling (714) 639-2623 or visit flatout-engineering.com.

02 Reproduction Crew Cabs For Chevrolet Task Force

Reproduction Crew Cabs For Chevrolet Task Force

Throughout the ’50s, custom body companies would buy truck cabs from General Motors and create their own spin on three- and four-door commercial trucks. These trucks are primarily purchased by logging companies, the railroad, and other utility companies. They were used … and ultimately used up. Today they are extremely hard to find in good condition. With that said, Quality Classic Parts has been reproducing these Chevy Task Force–era Crew Cabs with four brand-new doors and brand-new door hinges. They have developed a “fin de pillar” as they believe GM would’ve if they actually produced a Crew Cab themselves.

For more information, including pricing, availability, and model options, contact Quality Classic Parts by calling (805) 896-1548 or email infoforqcp@gmail.com.

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