Artwork by Tavis Highlander
Instagram @tavishighlander

Vehicle build by Gap Racing
Hockley, Texas

Gap Racing has tackled a wide range of full-vehicle builds, ranging from street cruisers to Great 8 show cars. Their depth of fabrication knowledge is significant; that will come in handy with their latest project, a ’67 Camaro.

Sitting on an IRS-equipped Roadster Shop chassis, the Camaro will receive some fab-heavy mods. A lower chin and splitter assembly was designed first and set the tone for many other pieces. The grille will feature a stretched hexagonal design with custom-made turn lenses nestled between the headlight buckets. Heat extractor vents in the hood will mimic racing stripes but will serve a functional purpose as well. Out back, the taillights are aftermarket ’67 Camaro but are bordered with thinner bezels than stock. There’s bound to be more interesting tidbits about this build, but you’ll have to watch for the finished product to see it.

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