Ryan Manson

Ryan Manson was born and raised in the Central Californian city made famous in the film American Graffiti. But instead of “Where were you in ’62?”, in Modesto in the mid-‘90s, it was more like “What’s there to do in ’92?” After graduating high school in 1997 and following a short jaunt of higher education in San Francisco, he headed to the more car-centric atmosphere of Southern California. He he soon found himself employed by none other than Mooneyes USA, purveyor of speed parts since the 1950s. Combining his love for hot rodding and all things mechanical, he was promoted to the machine shop, working with hot rodding legends Bill Jenks and Fred Larsen. But it wasn’t long until another opportunity would present itself. It was Spring 2005 when the media world came a knockin’. Real world knowledge trumping traditional education, he soon found his place amongst the Street Rodder staff, solidifying his ability to not only write features, but also to shoot and compose tech stories. In 2010, he was promoted to Editor of Custom Classic Trucks Magazine until that titles’ untimely demise in 2014. He was promoted yet again to Classic Trucks Magazine until that titles’ untimely demise in 2020. Twenty years after his initial migration South, Ryan is more ingrained in hot rodding than he could have ever imagined as he continues to build hot rods and classic trucks, produces media content, and pretends to have a real job under his flagship company, Clampdown Competition.