Tim Sutton

As I sit back and reminisce about the last year, all I can come up with is that I am “blessed.” The end of 2018 merged into 2019 seamlessly working around the world for Nissan Global. Four continents in a month blending into a small break before meeting back with one of my repeat clients, Nitto Tire. It was a whirlwind of logistics and work, we produced amazing imagery that ended up landing me in Leurzers Archive 200 best ad photographers, a couple APA awards, as well as spotlight news in Los Angeles Automotive spotlight. From there the day to day began in the office and ended teaming up again with Fluid Peak Collective to deliver launch assets for the new Nissan Titan truck. This took me from the deserts of California to Olympic polo fields in Nashville. Seeing the imagery used in such an amazing way still has me blown away. We set off to the Pacific North West to compile an image bank for Nitto to advertise in the areas market. Seeing all the sights and shooting them from totems to fishing and everything in between. Transitioning from automotive to lifestyle quickly has become a favorite of mine. This was realized while shooting a collection and cover photo of an overlanding trip of the all new Ford Ranger for Autoweek. The truck didn’t skip a beat as we put it through the paces and saw some of the most beautiful parts of California’s desert. Dipping further into lifestyle, we worked with Pelican cases on a few new product launches, incorporating products and life. Sprinkled in throughout the year Sherwin Williams contracted me to supply imagery and Video assets of most all of their automotive line. We love all of our clients and maintain an excellent relationship by over delivering (in most cases) and simplifying problems to make amazing solutions. They trust us to get the job done, on budget, and on time. We are hard workers and love to produce. For this I am “blessed” Setting sights on the New Year, I am amped and off and running with all of my clients and looking for new ones. Currently prepping for an excursion that will lead me to the Arctic ocean, planning to run a few races again this year, working out logistics on an upcoming video series, as well as maintain my family life with my wonderful wife and children.