Think your hot rod’s good enough to be featured online in Modern Rodding? Good—so do we! But there are some guidelines and parameters that need to be followed. 

First and foremost, it has to be a hot rod/street rod (1900s through the 1970s muscle car era); no restored stockers!

Secondly, the images need to be sharp/in focus, well lit (natural sun light or sufficient overhead lighting in your garage), and framed within the camera’s view finder or the screen of your phone appropriately. Fuzzy, poorly lit images with portions of the vehicle cropped out won’t do it. And be aware of what’s in the background and/or in the reflection of the paint—avoid any potentially offensive subject matter and let your car be the center of attention. We’ll need a good front 3/4, side profile, rear 3/4, engine, interior, and any applicable detail shots.

Finally, tell us all about your vehicle—every last detail you can possibly think of, from the specific year/make/model to all the individual parts that are on it as well as the history behind and how it became yours in the first place. We want to know everything! Be sure to include your e-mail and city/state where you reside. 

If everything meets our criteria—we’ll feature your pride and joy on Modern Rodding’s all-new online “In Your Garage” section! Send all submissions to:

Examples of Photo Submissions:

Front Three Quarter
Side Profile
Rear Three Quarter
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