Scotty Lachenauer

Growing up, my summers were built around my parent’s big American wagon on-hand and our I-80 road trips traveling west from New York City to visit our spread-out family. Highlights of every trip were going to the Springfield Mile, the racetrack at the Illinois State Fairgrounds; known as one of the fastest dirt tracks in the world. There we got to watch Foyt, Andretti and the Unsers battle it out on the clay in their USAC midgets. I was raised during the first Hot Wheels boom and still vividly remember picking out my first Barracuda fastback HW at the local toy store, and slowly turning it and other once brand-new examples into beaten down, trashed and thrashed non-collectibles. My dad’s love of model building brought cool cars into the fold like the Red Baron t-bucket; still a favorite of mine. During college I was lucky enough to drive my brother’s hand-me-down ’69 Camaro for a year or two, along with my trusty ’73 Corolla, a car that I busted the crossmember on while testing Rutgers University’s massive speed bumps. Post college lead me to a succession of needy ‘60s and ‘70s convertibles that I started picking up on the cheap during my band years; a necessity for Jersey Shore living that has continued years beyond. Expressing myself through written word and image has made this hobby a joy to work for and I look forward to continuing this crazy ride into the future. And of course, I keep a few good rides on-hand, and I’m currently working on a drop-top ’70 Barracuda convertible that was sadly washed away during Hurricane Sandy.