Pro Touring Granada Gold 1967 Chevy Nova

Persistence Pays Off

By Nick Licata   –   Photography by NotStock Photography

When magazine editors write car features, it can sometimes be a struggle to gather enough interesting or entertaining information regarding the car being featured, either from the car’s owner or from someone at the shop that built said car. It’s a rare occasion when the owner tells the story regarding the trials and tribulations of the build process on his hot rod better than this writer ever could. But Jeff Boggs did just that. So, I’ll hand over the narrative reins to Jeff, allowing him to recount the intriguing tale of how his stunning and formidable ’67 Chevy Nova came into existence.

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“As a kid my wildest dream wasn’t to become an astronaut or cowboy—no, sir! I was the oddball who fell head over heels for my neighbors’ Granada Gold ’67 Nova. Yep, while other kids were collecting baseball cards, I was drooling over a car that was the same color as my mom’s casserole dish.

04 Rear view of the 1967 Nova at night displaying its glowing taillights and a smooth cream finish outside a warmly lit garage

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“Every Wednesday, I’d employ my best ‘puppy-dog eyes’ to convince my mom to drive me to 7-Eleven so I could get my hands on the latest Auto Trader magazine, as I was on a quest, flipping pages seeking the Holy Grail: a ’66 or ’67 Nova that didn’t remind everyone of kitchenware.

“Fast-forward through an astonishing lack of success, and we hop to me spending 30 years Online, which wasn’t all devoted to finding the car, mind you. I had a life— there were hunting videos to watch, after all. But I searched for that Nova— the one with the ‘right look,’ which in hindsight might’ve just been ‘not casserole-colored.’

16 Shot of the car's modern multimedia system installed in the vintage dashboard a fusion of old and new technology

“Enter Patrick from Ultra Motorsports in Tacoma, Washington, a buddy who knew cars like I knew the disappointments of Online shopping. He’d warned me in his most serious movie-trailer voice, ‘Never bring me a car. They are a money pit.’ But hey, what’s a midlife crisis without digging a financial hole to China?

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“On the brink of 45 and feeling saucy, I decided it’s now or never. I called Patrick announcing my imminent arrival like a proud General riding into battle. ‘I told you never to bring me a car,’ he grumbled. But I was unstoppable. Too late, buddy, prepare the red carpet and confetti. I’ll be there in 15.

01 A 1967 Nova parked in front of a modern home at dusk highlighted by soft ambient lighting showcasing its sleek cream body and shiny chrome wheels

“I brought him a car that was more jigsaw puzzle than automobile and boxes of parts that were practically modern art. ‘Here you go,’ I said with a flourish like I’d just handed him an Excalibur instead of a heap of potential tetanus.

07 Detailed view of the engine highlighting the LSX 454 label and showcasing meticulous engineering and assembly

“Building a restomod was new territory for me. I underestimated everything—the hours, the cost, and the amount of coffee one human could consume. But I was dead set on two non-negotiables: an LSX 454 crate engine and against all sane advice, it had to be Granada Gold.

09 A close up of the LSX 454 engine in a 1967 Nova highlighting the vibrant orange valve cover and detailed engine components

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“Yep, I chose a color that made my car look like a mustard jar. My wife said, ‘Why do you want a car that looks like Dijon mustard?’ To which I replied, ‘Because darling, when life gives you mustard, you make a hot dog.’ I knew then it was the right color—a tribute to the Nova of my childhood, and a perfect match for my sunny disposition.

12 Detailed view of the 1967 Nova's rear black leather seats with stripe accents emphasizing the car's luxurious and well maintained interior

“The build took 2½ years, during which my friends offered endless side-splitting commentary, and my wallet cried itself to sleep. But there it was, my mustard mobile—a beacon of persistence, a tribute to all things absurd and wonderful—a real-life caricature of childhood dreams. But none of this happens without Patrick. I enjoyed years of hearing his ruthless sarcasm, but most of all appreciate him for sticking with me and building such an amazing car.

10 Interior shot showcasing the vintage black leather seats modern gear shift and classic dashboard of the 1967 Nova

“And you know what? It was worth every puzzled look and penny spent. After all, who needs a spaceship when you’ve got the world’s fastest mustard jar?”

17 Close up of the Chevy logo and detailed design of the tail light highlighting the car’s classic styling and finish

Jeff Boggs is a prime example of allowing his childhood to escort him in building the car of his dreams. A car in his choice of color and style. Against the grain? Quite possibly, but the car you see in these pages is one of the most beautiful ’67 Novas we’ve featured in this magazine and are proud to do so.

14 Close up of the instrument cluster and dashboard controls in the 1967 Nova displaying vintage dials and modern fittings

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All of a sudden I got a hankerin’ for a Wetzel’s pretzel. Pass the honey mustard, if you don’t mind.


OWNER: Jeff Boggs, Covington, Washington
VEHICLE: ’67 Chevy Nova

BORE: 4.185 inches
STROKE: 4.125 inches
CYLINDER HEADS: Aluminum LSX-LS7 port with “as-cast” 70cc chambers
ROTATING ASSEMBLY: 4340 forged steel crankshaft, 4340 forged steel connection rods, forged aluminum pistons
CAMSHAFT: Hydraulic roller
INDUCTION: Frankenstein billet intake, Nick Willaims Performance 120mm drive-by-wire throttle body
ACCESSORY DRIVE SYSTEM: Chevrolet Performance
EXHAUST: Custom headers and 3-inch stainless exhaust by Ultra Motorsports (Tacoma, WA) 3-inch, Borla mufflers
HOOD HINGES: Eddie Motorsports
FUEL TANK: Ultra Motorsports 21-gallon stainless
OUTPUT: 627 hp, 586 lb-ft

REAR AXLE: Ford 9-inch, limited-slip Truetrac 4.56 gears, Moser 31-spline axles

FRONT SUSPENSION: Heidts front clip, spindles, and control arms; Strange coilover shocks
REAR SUSPENSION: Heidts four-link rear suspension system, Strange coilover shocks
BRAKES: Wilwood 13-inch rotors, six-piston calipers front, four-piston calipers rear Wilwood master cylinder, Wilwood booster

Wheels & Tires
WHEELS: Schott Venom d.concave, 22×11 rear, 20×8 front
TIRES: Michelin Pilot Sport, 295/30R20 front, 315/35R22 rear

CARPET: Gold loop
INSTALLATION: Ultra Motorsports
SHIFTER: Factory
DASH: Original with Dakota Digital gauge bezel
HVAC: Vintage Air
STEREO: Kenwood head unit, Rockford Fosgate speakers and sub, installation by Ultra Motorsports

BODYWORK AND PAINT: Ultra Motorsports
PAINT: Glasurit Granada Gold

Click on this issue’s cover to see the enhanced digital version of Pro Touring Granada Gold 1967 Chevy Nova.

acp may 2024

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