By Brian Brennan   –   Photography by Ed Justice

There are some birthdays that just seem to mean more to us than others. But for any of us to reach our 100th, that’s an accomplishment. This is a birthday bash worth sharing with our friends. Such was the case for Alex Xydias of SO-CAL Speed Shop fame, land speed racer, industry notable, and all around hot rodder. His list of accomplishments throughout the years is truly staggering.

Bruce Meyer hosted a “birthday party” of note on Alex’s 100th birthday (March 23) and did so by inviting an impressive list of friends and hot rodders who have made a difference over the decades. These hot rod pioneers included Ed Iskenderian, himself having celebrated his 100th birthday, Ed Pink who is 90, Don Prudhomme who is 80, and many others we recognize from the accompanying photo. It was up to Myer to serve as host and began the day’s activities with great stories of the past, including the restoration of Alex’s SO-CAL Speed Shop belly tank.

Congratulations to Alex on his 100th birthday and thank you for the so many great memories he created that fill our record books in many ways. MR

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