2023 C10 Nationals Goes Full Throttle in Music City

By Christopher Reynolds   –   Photography by the Author

Setting the Nashville area ablaze with a symphony of roaring engines and the allure of classic GM trucks was the 2023 C10 Nationals held on September 30 and October 1. Often known for its vibrant music scene and bustling entertainment, this iconic city played host to an event that showcased the best of American automotive truck heritage. Whether you were a seasoned truck enthusiast or just looking for a unique weekend getaway, this event had something for everyone.

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02 Supercharged Red 1965 GMC C10 Pickup

The show had so much in store for enthusiasts, making it an unforgettable automotive extravaganza. Alongside the adrenaline-pumping Classic Performance Products Autocross, there was a special BFGoodrich Tires Share the Ride event. This unique experience allowed spectators to hop into the passenger seat and take a thrilling ride with pro drivers, experiencing the raw power and precision of high-performance C10 trucks firsthand.

03 Lowered Red 1964 Chevrolet C10

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For those on the hunt for the best new parts, the Sweet Patina Vendor Midway was a great place to shop. Anyone looking for rare parts or looking to score a great deal, the Streetside Classics Swap Meet was a treasure trove of vintage and aftermarket C10 components. It was the perfect place to connect with fellow enthusiasts, exchange stories, and find that elusive piece you’ve been searching for.

04 Rustic Patina 1955 GMC Pickup

If you had a hankering for tire-smoking action, the Edelbrock Performance Burnout Contest was a crowd-pleaser. Truck owners pushed their rigs to the limits, creating epic plumes of white smoke and putting on a show that had spectators on their feet, cheering for their favorite smoky spectacle.

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06 Custom Gold 1970 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

The free Gandrud Chevrolet Performance Dyno Challenge was another highlight, offering attendees the opportunity to see just how much horsepower their trucks were putting down. The dyno was a hub of excitement as truck owners tested the limits of their engine modifications, competing to see who could achieve the highest numbers.

09 Silver Pro Touring 1968 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

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Friday afternoon was all about the Summit Racing Equipment Drag Racing Action. This portion of the event had trucks thundering down the strip with their engines roaring and tires gripping the pavement. It provided high-speed thrills during the neck-and-neck races that kept spectators at the edge of their seats.

16 Lifted White 1972 GMC K1500 Pickup

But the excitement didn’t end there. After all the awards had been handed out on Saturday attendees had the unique opportunity to drive their beloved C10 trucks on the very same NASCAR track that had hosted legends of motorsports. It was a moment of pure exhilaration as trucks cruised around the iconic oval and owners experienced the track from a perspective typically reserved for professional racers.

20 Racing Red 1970 GMC C1500 Pickup

The event’s sheer scale was staggering, with a whopping 1,400 trucks in attendance. The show field was packed with classic and customized C10s, each with its own story and unique character. Whether you’re a connoisseur of vintage models or appreciated the cutting-edge modifications that had been made to these trucks, the diversity on display was a testament to the passion and dedication of the C10 community.

25 Orange Lowered 1978 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

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In conclusion, the 2023 C10 Nationals in Nashville delivered a high-octane experience that catered to the hearts of truck enthusiasts. With a sea of trucks in attendance, it was a showcase of enduring love for classic GM trucks and a clear demonstration of the C10 Nationals’ firm place on the map of automotive events. Nashville once again proved itself as the perfect backdrop for this high-energy gathering, combining the charm of its honky-tonks with the roar of powerful engines.

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