Ron Ceridono

Ron Ceridono was born and raised in Northern California. Surrounded by neighborhood hot rodders, sports car racers and custom car enthusiasts he graduated from high school in 1965 right in the middle of the muscle car era; all those influences created a lifelong hot rodder. After serving in the Air Force, teaching high school and junior college auto technology classes, along with building hot rods in his spare time, a career change came about with a job offer from the late Leroi “Tex” Smith. Working with Tex, Ron became co-editor of Hot Rod Mechanix, Custom Car Magazine and the Hot Rod Library where he created books on Chrysler Hemis, Ford Flatheads, street rod chassis and other subjects. His work has also appeared in Rod Action, Vette, High Performance Pontiac, High Performance Mopar, Four by Four Performance, Drag Racing USA and others. In 1997 Ron joined Brian Brennan on the staff at Street Rodder where he wrote technical articles and a monthly column. Today he continues to create technical stories for In The Garage Media and the Hot Rod Library, work on a long list of project vehicles and drive the wheels off his Flathead powered Model A. Once a hot rodder, always a hot rodder.