Taylor Kempkes

With many decades of experience in the magazine industry, Taylor Kempkes is passionate about projecting his knowledge at anyone who will listen. Sarcasm aside, an unending appetite for classic vehicles, writing and photography plus almost a decade of magazine work under his belt pushes Taylor to turn out the highest quality content he can. Working alongside with and learning from some of the brightest and most talented editors, writers and photographers in the business doesn’t hurt either. He is always ready to push the limits of his technical knowledge in both the physical space (aka working on cars) and through his written and visual content. When he is not working on his 1969 Nova, writing a new tech article, or shooting photos and video, Taylor enjoys spending quality time with his growing family. He also loves getting outside into nature. Sometimes that means a weekend camping trip at a local Southern California beach and other times it means bashing his little two-door Jeep across a difficult rock-crawling trail. With many more years still ahead of him, Taylor looks forward to continuing his pursuit of knowledge and life experiences while building lasting relationships in the industry.