LeadA Starting the process of doing a brake job on the 1972 Ford

Part 2: Duralast Helps Update The Braking System of the Family Heirloom 1972 Ford F-100

By Rob Fortier – Photography and Videography by Ryan Foss Productions

Last month we jumped head-first into this family heirloom 1972 Ford F-100 project and, within a working week’s time, had the old girl fired up and running! That was great and all, except for one major problem: she had no brakes—like none whatsoever. Fortunately, we knew where to go for all the answers to that four-wheel drum problem.

01 Brake system update on the 1972 Ford F-100
Normally, we’d be addressing a front drum brake situation by explaining the advantages of upgrading to disc brakes, followed by a step-by-step conversion process. Well, this isn’t one of those stories. This time around, using Duralast and their OE replacement parts, we’re going to properly rehab this ’72 F-100 4×4’s four-wheel drum brake system!

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Just as we did with the seemingly tired Ford 360 engine, we powered up our laptop and went straight to DuralastParts.com once again. This time around, our search engine (fingers) took us down the virtual road on the hunt for F-100 4×4 drum brake parts—the entire brake system, to be exact. From the drums to the new shoes and wheel cylinders to the master cylinder and power booster—even the self-adjusters and brake hoses—our laundry list of required stopping components were all available online and, subsequently, ordered and picked up (all at once) from our local AutoZone.

02 We decided to use Duralast OE replacement parts
Rather than just a spindle nut and a set of wheel bearings to deal with, in order to access—let alone service—the drum brakes, the 4×4 locking hub mechanism must first be disassembled.

Fortunately, the only major difference between this and a standard (2×4) four-wheel drum brake job was having to deal with the front hub locking mechanism and pressed lug studs. The use of an iPhone (photographic reference) and a heavy-duty arbor press ensured those issues were not just that—an issue.

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