How To Install Wilwood’s Forged Narrow Superlite Big Brake Kit

Get Your Drop Spindles & Stopping Power Your Classic Truck In One Package!

By Rob Fortier   –   Photography by the Author

If you recall, back in our May ’22 issue, we equipped my “polished turd” ’1969 C10 with Wilwood’s state-of-the-art electronic parking brake rear disc kit. So, it was only natural that I enlist the folks at Jimenez Bros Air Ride And Rod Shop to complement that with Wilwood’s tried-and-true Forged Narrow Superlite 6R big front brake setup with their all-new one-piece Iron Drop Pro Spindles (2.5-inch drop).

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01 Get Your Drop Spindles Stopping Power Your Classic Truck In One Package

Wilwood’s complete brake kit (PN 140-15942) is just that: 100 percent complete. From the aluminum dual-pattern hubs and hats (5×5 and 5×4.75) to the SRP drilled-and-slotted 14-inch rotors with six-piston Superlite calipers, everything you need brake component–wise is included. However, this kit is produced specifically to work with their new Iron Drop Pro 2.5-inch dropped spindles, as it will not work with stock spindles due to the radial mount caliper brackets and hub-specific bearing snouts. We used the ’71-87 spindle kit (PN 831-15932) to accommodate the later-model C10 ball joints on the Classic Performance Products Totally Tubular Control Arms installed on the ’69.

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02 Wilwoods Forged Narrow Superlite 6R Front Brake Kit PN 140 15942 D and their all new one piece cast steel Iron Drop Pro 2 5 inch dropped spindle kit
Wilwood’s Forged Narrow Superlite 6R Front Brake Kit (PN 140-15942-D) and their all-new one-piece cast steel Iron Drop Pro 2.5-inch dropped spindle kit—two-thirds of the “polished turd’s” brake system upgrade (we previously installed the EPB Superlite 4R rear kit, and will subsequently finish the brakes off with their Compact Tandem master cylinder and stainless plumbing).

It should definitely be mentioned that as I was initially communicating with Wilwood regarding all the component particulars, they’d just started pushing their caliper personalization program. Rather than the standard black or red powder coating options we’re all used to, they now offer an array of 23 additional custom color options with logos available in black, white, red, silver, or blue. As you’ll see in the photos, the choice was made to go with Bristol Matte Black calipers adorned with red insignias to complement the forthcoming bronze-centered Schott wheels I’ll be running.

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22 As simple as can be to install yet the one of the best performing brake kits you can equip your C10 with
There you have it: As simple as can be to install yet the one of the best-performing brake kits you can equip your C10 with! Next up, finish plumbing the brake system, then put this turd back on the road and scuff those pretty rotors up!

Since we’d recently installed the aforementioned control arms and subsequent upgraded steering linkage, we were saved the hassle of having to disassemble, let alone deal with greasy old suspension parts—we’d already done that once, and that’s more than enough! (The only grease we dealt with was the new high-temp we packed into the new wheel bearings.) So, suffice it to say, the entire installation was as straightforward and easy as could be. Follow along and see for yourself. If you have any questions regarding fitment, application, what have you, don’t hesitate to contact Wilwood by phone or online.

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Jimenez Bros. Air Ride & Rod Shop
(951) 343-5948

Wilwood Engineering
(805) 388-1188

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