Steve Magnante

I’m happy to contribute to All Chevy Performance Magazine, Modern Rodding, and Classic Truck Performance when the occasion arises. My background writing for car enthusiast magazines began in 1991 and ran uninterrupted for nearly three decades. The fact remains, there are a lot of readers who still appreciate the tangible aspects of the traditional car magazine. So, when I heard Brian Brennan, Rob Fortier, and Nick Licata were resurrecting the paper and ink format, I asked if I could contribute on a freelance basis. Happily the answer was “yes” and in this and future issues of All Chevy Performance magazine I’ll be submitting fresh Bowtie Boneyard discoveries. As some of you may know, I’ve long been a champion of junkyard exploration since my days at Hot Rod magazine where I authored several junkyard spotter’s guides and Junkyard Jewel engine buildup stories. To be honest, mine were hardly the first of the type. Way back in the mid-1960’s Rod & Custom magazine ran regular “Vintage Tin” articles focusing on sweet discoveries in need of salvation. And in the 1970’s, Hot Rod’s Ro McGonegal contributed several “Junkyard Buyers Guides” on rear axles, engines, transmissions and brakes. Being a collector of vintage car magazines (I own and treasure the first issues of Super Stock & Drag Illustrated, Modern Rod, Drag Strip, Street and Strip Supercar, and others), it’s inconceivable to live in a world without fresh issues rolling off the printing press. So, here’s to All Chevy Performance magazine and a long successful run!