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Wilwood C1500 Rear Drum-To-Disc Conversion

Wilwood has released new brake kit options for rear drum-to-disc conversions for GMC C1500 Silverado, Sierra, and similar SUVs. Complete bolt-on brake kits provide an upgrade to make trucks safer, with improved stopping power. Experience more clamping force, better thermal capacity, and improved pedal feel for more confident braking in daily street performance to heavy-use applications, including hauling, towing, off-road, and commercial workloads. These rear brake kits include internal parking brake assemblies with a cable connection kit and are compatible with Wilwood front kits, factory ABS, and OE master cylinder. Currently three kits are available in a 5×5 lug pattern. The 12.19-inch kit features a forged Dynalite four-piston caliper with ULHP rotors with 32 straight vanes in precision plain face or e-coated SRP drilled and slotted. The 12.88- and 14-inch kits feature forged Superlite four-piston calipers and e-coated Spec37 rotors with 48 and 72 curved vanes respectively, in GT slotted or SRP drilled-and-slotted styles. Wilwood’s BP-10 street performance brake pads and premium-grade hardware are included. Calipers come in gloss red or black powdercoat and 22 optional colors (additional charges apply).

For more info, contact Wilwood Engineering by calling (805) 388-1188 or visit wilwood.com.

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Bowler Performance Transmissions 1988-95 CK1500 Hydraulic Clutch Conversion

Bowler Performance Transmissions is proud to announce the release of their new hydraulic clutch master cylinder conversion for the ’88-95 OBS Chevrolet/GMC 1500 trucks. This new conversion kit allows for anyone with a factory clutch pedal assembly to easily convert to a hydraulic clutch master cylinder designed to work with aftermarket hydraulic release bearings. The OE master cylinders do not have enough fluid volume for many of the aftermarket hydraulic release bearings, thus requiring an alternative solution. This conversion package directly mounts to the truck’s firewall utilizing the same location where the OE hydraulic master cylinder mounts. The new master cylinder conversion comes with all the lines, fittings, bracketry, and hardware to complete the installation and connect to the release bearing of your choice.

For more info, contact Bowler Performance Transmission by calling (618) 943-4856 or visit bowlertransmissions.com.

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Airbag Suspension Changes Again With the Original SquareTank

For years, airbag setups used an uninspiring cylinder for an air tank and then had to build their plumbing and wiring around that obstacle. Today, with the introduction of The Original SquareTank, that’s no longer a problem. Now the tank is the focus of the install—and it’s beautiful.

Let’s start with the square billet endcaps, which is just part of the showstopping experience. There are a total of six 3/8-inch NPT ports, two 1/8-inch NPT ports, and two 1/8-inch dump ports spread between the pair, giving the user multiple plumbing configurations. They also contain mounting points that allow users to bolt The Original SquareTank such that all the ports are visible for a tricky-looking install or hide them all away for a completely stealth appearance. The endcaps sandwich a tank body that’s not only amazing to look at, but powerful as well. This composite tube is rated to hold over 200 psi, which means they’re up to any of the demanding tasks that an airbag installer or user may want. Tying everything together are four connecting rods that sandwich the composite body and the endcaps. The ends of the rods are flush mounted into the endcaps themselves, making for an even cleaner look. Although the raw surface of The Original SquareTank is beautiful on its own, customers can opt for a couple Cerakote finishes, Tungsten, or Jet Black. These are available for each component—endcaps, connecting rods, and tank—with the addition of a show polish option for the endcaps and connecting rods. That means there are over 196 different finish possibilities for The Original SquareTank right from the manufacturer, and even more if customers decide to paint or wrap their composite tubes themselves. The Original SquareTank is available in both a 20-inch-long, 3-gallon version or 30-inch-long, 5-gallon. Prices start at $255 for a raw finish 3-gallon model and go up to $445 for a completely custom-finished 5-gallon Original SquareTank.

For more info, contact SquareTank at (800) 928-1984 or visit squaretank.com.

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New OE Rallye Wheels for Classic Chevrolet and GMC Pickups

Wheel Vintiques is known in the street rod and muscle car world for its wide variety of high-quality steel wheels, but the California-based wheel manufacturer also offers many options for classic trucks from the ’50s-’80s. From OE reproductions to custom designs and sizing, Wheel Vintiques has developed a huge product offering. This includes a newly re-tooled version of a classic truck design, the GM Pickup Rallye.
The 42 Series GM Pickup Rallye has been available in years past, but the centersection was a core from an original wheel. In addition to the scarce materials, the process was not efficient. To solve this problem, Wheel Vintiques developed new tooling to stamp new centers. The new 42 Series GM Pickup Rallye product line consists of two sizes: 15×8 and 15×10. These sizes are applied to two center designs—one with a 5×5 bolt pattern that features 16 rectangular windows and one with a 6×5.5 bolt pattern with 10 larger rectangular windows. The five-lug wheel offers direct fitment on any Chevrolet or GMC 1/2-ton, two-wheel-drive truck from 1971-98. The six-lug version is a great choice for earlier C10s with the 6×5.5 bolt pattern and they also work well on K10 four-wheel-drive trucks and K5 Blazers from the ’70s and ’80s. Wheel Vintiques’ new 42-Series GM Pickup Rallye accepts original and reproduction centercaps and trim rings. From a quality standpoint, Wheel Vintiques products are second to none. All Wheel Vintiques wheels are made in the USA with heavy gauge steel and expert assembly. After the wheel is manufactured and welded, it goes through an automated chemical wash cycle and then through the powdercoating line for a factory-look silver powdercoat finish.

For more info, contact Wheel Vintiques at (800) 959-2100 or visit wheelvintiques.com.

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Classic Industries’ All-New Squarebody Door Frame Replacement Panels

Classic Industries, the leader in quality restoration parts and accessories worldwide, announced the arrival of the new OER door frame portion of the truck cab on ’73-86 C/K and ’87-91 R/V Chevrolet and GMC models. Manufactured in 18-gauge sheet steel as original, each doorframe is stamped to exact proportions, with all the correct contours and holes to make the replacement of a rusted or crushed panel much more efficient and satisfying. In stock and available for immediate delivery.

For more info, contact Classic Industries by calling (855) 357-2787 or visit classicindustries.com.

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TMI Cruiser Collection Now Available in All-New Saddle Brown

TMI Automotive Products introduced the latest addition to their Cruiser Collection: all-new Saddle Brown Vinyl Material. This Saddle Brown Vinyl is completely new to TMI, enhancing their renowned product line. Building on the success of TMI’s existing range, these seats maintain the same timeless design and budget-friendly pricing while introducing a sophisticated modern upgrade that complements the factory OE styling. Available in both bucket seat and bench seat configurations, these seats are designed for comfort and seamlessly integrate with your vehicle’s interior. The Cruiser Collection is offered in two distinct bucket seat styles: the Cruiser Pro-Classic and the Cruiser Low Back. The Cruiser Pro-Classic Bucket Seat offers moderate bolstering and a slightly wider design, making it an excellent fit for trucks and larger vehicles while providing a modern and comfortable ride. The Cruiser Low Back Bucket Seat, on the other hand, is engineered with aggressive bolstering to keep you glued to your seat while still providing superior support and comfort. For those who prefer the OE look of a bench seat, this new Saddle Brown Vinyl is also available in both 55- and 60-inch Cruiser Bench seats. The split-back design of these bench seats allows for easy access to the rear seat or storage area in a truck. They offer moderate bolstering to prevent sliding during cornering while ensuring comfort.

For more info, please contact TMI Automotive Products by visiting tmiproducts.com.

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Expanded Exhaust System Installation Solutions From ARP

Properly securing headers and eliminating exhaust leaks is of primary concern to racers and car enthusiasts alike. Noted fastener manufacturer ARP has developed a number of efficient solutions for the task at hand. These include a series of application-specific kits for most popular engines, plus “universal” kits to cover the rest. Stud kits —which have specially designed “nut starter” noses— are preferred by many because of being able to accurately position gaskets and guide the header flanges into place. Most are available in polished stainless steel or black oxide finished 8740 chromoly that are nominally rated at 180,000 psi—both fully 20 percent stronger than Grade 8 fasteners. A choice of hex or 12-point bolt heads or nuts is offered. Their compact design facilitates the use of socket wrenches in tight proximity to the tubes. Washers are included in the kits. An additional benefit of the polished stainless steel is that it’s not affected by corrosion and extreme heat. For factory cast-iron exhaust manifolds ARP offers both stainless and black bolts by size in five-packs that come in 0.250-inch increments to assure getting the correct length. ARP also manufactures specially drilled “NASCAR” header bolts that facilitate safety wiring. All are made in-house at ARP’s California facilities.

For more info, contact ARP by calling (800) 826-3045 or visit arp-bolts.com.

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