1964 Chevrolet Corvette

Artwork by Tavis Highlander – Instagram @tavishighlander – tavishighlander.com

Build by Cruzer’s Customs
New Braunfels, TX

You’ve probably seen Cruzer’s Customs work via their recent ’64 Buick Riviera project called “Vanquish.” That car was a beautiful example of classic styling meeting modern performance in the right ratio. This new project looks to continue that theme within the fiberglass shell of a ’64 Corvette.

Billet turbine wheels allow for big brake clearance and also tip the hat to period-correct styling. Inside the cockpit will be stockish-appearing upholstery, but the craftsmanship will be brought up to a new level as will the materials. CNC-perforated leather will add a subtle bit of customization to the door panels and seats. Underhood is an LS with backdating accessories to make it look like a Rochester-injected fuelie. The combination of subtle mods add up to a dramatic end result, for sure.

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