Number Three for the Tallest Truck Show in the World is Outta the Park … Literally!

By Rob Fortier   –   Images by the Author

Just as we’re unwinding from the short winter indoor show season, I find myself kicking spring off in what I consider the classic truck mecca—Arizona—for the 3rd annual Reunion Truck Show … and what an amazing way to usher in the warmer months of 2024 hanging out with some of my favorite and closest friends in beautiful downtown Chandler?!

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02 Customized white pickup with lowered suspension and blue rims

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For the second year in a row, we kicked off the Reunion on Friday evening at QuartHaus with the official Classic Truck Performance pre-party, where our gracious host, Reunion founder (and of “C10 Talk”) Ronnie Wetch and Sam Castronova organized an evening of trucks, brews, good food, and lots a genuine BS’n to properly warm everyone up for the following day’s festivities. Thanks to the QuartHaus staff for taking care of the crowd—and especially thanks to Sonny’s BBQ for smoking up and serving some delicious proteins!

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03 Modified Chevrolet pickup with dual rear wheels and gray paint

At the crack of dawn Saturday morning, Ronnie, his wife Autumn, and the entire Reunion crew started rolling the trucks into the five-level parking garage just adjacent to the Downtown Chandler Historic District’s Plaza lawn where all the vendors had set up camp~ the day prior. Top Deck (where the featured Top Trucks get reserved parking) was graciously sponsored by Arizona High Test and LMC Truck. While down below in the park, special parking was set aside for Michael’s Truck Works’ Dually Drive and Offroad Design’s Four Wheel Drive. By 9 a.m., the Reunion was rockin’ and rollin’—’80s style, of course!

04 Black classic Chevrolet pickup with modern wheels parked outdoors

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We can’t thank everyone behind the Reunion Truck Show enough for their support since day one. A huge thanks to title sponsor LMC Truck as well as U.S. Mags, UPcarparts, and AutoNation Parts/GM Performance, without whom, the show would not be the success it’s become. Also, a big shout-out to all the vendors: Belltech Suspension, AccuAir, RevB Chassis, Delmo Speed, Airslamit, Big 10 Garage, Slosh Tubz, LG Billet, VoCKal Motors/Classic Garage, Fesler, Tre 5, Baked By Beaver, Big Homie Customs, and everyone else who took part in this year’s Reunion. See y’all next year!

And lest I forget, a HUGE thanks to my buddy Shane and everyone at All American Billet/All American Chassis for bringing the #AllAftermarketSquarebody to be on display on our booth … the AAC chassis looked great with all that fresh Auto Metal Direct sheetmetal bolted on, especially the modifications made for the AAB raised bed floor! Thanks guys!

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